Airborne Question

One for you older members.

Can anyone tell me if a certain member of our Airborne brotherhood is still kicking about?

I had the pleasure of serving with this lad in a green and rainy place and his C/S was 39 in our unit. He left to be a PSI WO2 with the TA and I last saw him as a LCpl in the MPGS in the land of slime!

He was very fond of 'launching' (his phrase) people who did not meet his high standards (Members of 208 Platoon can attest to this) and I was particularly pleased when he 'launched' a fairly short Scottish person in a Unit bar in that same rainy place.

I heard that he had gone to regroup where all the rest of the Airborne community eventually get to after their time on this earth has past but I hope that is not the case. He was definitely at my 22 yr leaving do!

Any help would be welcome. PM me if you know where he is?

Without breaching Opsec (I hope) his initials were D O and had an Irish sound

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