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Airborne in Somalia book

Anyone out there remember a large hardback book that came out in the mid 90's that was a photo book of the Canadian Airborne at work and play in Somalia ? Looking for a title or author if possible please.

Whilst we are on wants. Anyone got a pair of large reg olive combat trousers. Prefer the old heavyweight quarpel material ones if any still exist.
Don't want much do I ?? :D

FiveAlpha said:
Is that the book which included the Canadian Airborne's unique version of a spit-roast? No pig? Simple! Use a local.
Yup thats the one, including the Canuck Airborne's guide to giving up smoking, simply stub them out........on the feet of a handy local aquaphobe.
dogs_bollox said:
I take it lads that these are euphorisms for "I haven't got a feckin clue but I'm bored so I'll write some drivel" ?? :D :D

Nope. They're euphimisms for we know about the true documented story about the Canucks in Somalia.

Anyone up for a battalion sized drop with the Canadians? Oops, I meant section sized drop.
Thanks for the Wiki link. I'm aware of all of that and a lot more. The only education I'm after is the book title and author and not some obtuse remarks about the 'performance' or otherwise of the Cannucks. There but for the grace of God go a lot of us ..........................That's why I posted in the Canada section. I wouldn't expect Brits to know much about what I'm looking for.

Obviously you lads know a lot about the Canadian airborne but not the book I'm referring to :D

Thanks all the same though ! :lol:

Try googling for the following books...

'Significant Incident'

'The Canadian Airborne Regiment In Somalia'

'B astard Sons An Examination of Canada’s Airborne Experience 1942 –1995'
Thanks for the titles but I already know enough about their antics in Somalia. I was living in Canada in the 90's and saw it all on TV. Even met a coule of the guys who were really there. Shame it ended up with the effective disbanding of the Regt though. We've had plenty of embarassing incidents over the years ourselves and it would be unfair to be casting the first stone. Giving some herbert a good kicking in NI or elsewhere can easily get out of hand and turn into a murder enquiry but no-one would hold a whole regiment to book would they ? 'course we wouldn't be stupid enough to video it. 8O

The book I'm looking for is not a piece of investigative journalism - it's just a great series of photos of Canadian soldiers and their kit.

5A, thanks for the spelling correction. Definately gives you the moral high ground mate. :worship:

I'm just trying to find a book title. Is that so feckin difficult ?

No moral high ground intended - I'm here to help!. I used to work with a guy who was in Somalia with the CAR, hence my interest and some knowledge. The books I referred to may have links to the book you're ultimately after that's all.
Fair nuff 5A.I stand suitably corrected. :oops:

Although I doubt that they will link to a photo album type of a book. I should have bought one back in the day. No doubt it was quickly and discreetly removed from the shelves at the direction of the Govt.

dogs_bollox said:
No doubt it was quickly and discreetly removed from the shelves at the direction of the Govt.

Not necessarily so D_B. If the book was released worldwide then some stockists may still have it. Try fleabay or online miltary book stores.
I would IF I knew the title :D

It wasn't an obvious title - of that i'm pretty sure.

Just occurred to me that maybe I should try some Canadian military museum's online bookshops .

ABREG, thank for posting.
I've just bought the Eat Your Weakest Man - plan on reading it after the next couple I'm currently reading.

Incidentally, I did find the book I was looking for. It was a photobook of Canadian peacekeepers around the world for that year (1995). Nothing controversial about the Cannuck Airborne.


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