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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Flyingrockdj, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Hello Chaps,
    Some research- I was under the impression that only 7RHA or RHA badged RA were wearers of the maroon beret and that full cannon badged fraternity were the commando side. Yesterday I saw a chap cutting about mit wings Maroon beret and full cannon RA badge. Which unit could this be?
  2. Air defenders?
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  3. Or TACP.
  4. Airsoft cannon cockers? (ACC)
  5. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    aha thanx
  6. 4 Regt RA, back in the day?
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  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    AD in the ABTF?
  8. 21 Bty
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  9. as already suggest they could be from either 12 (AD) or 47 (UAS), who both have an airborne battery. 5th Reg are also in the process of forming an airborne battery.
  10. He could have been 201 Battery (Army Reserve) they do P Coy and but have the Toblerone badge rather than Cypher
  11. 289 Parachute troop (v) former 289 Regiment.... proud history... etcetc etc or 201 Para bty. Both 100 RA. Now disbanded, .................. thank you Cameron. Both did P-Coy and jumps, few Jump Inst. at both places. All nice chaps. As with everything in life, mix of blokes from good-poor, core of tour on tour volunteers and beer club. Obviously 7RHA or other gunner unit do not need augmenting in times of stress as there numbers are so high so no need for a reserve unit like 201. Such insightful thinking.
  12. 21 Bty, used to be part of 47 Regt RA.

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  13. Weren't 289 a commando battery for a while? ISTR reading that at the time they were the only TA battery under the direct command of a regular regiment, as the TA battery of 29.

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  14. Back in the mid 90s, I once saw a guy dressed as that serving in 5th Airborne Brigade staff. Doubt it's the same guy though.
  15. Yes they were. With due respect to the older members, they had daggers up from the old days and wings. My limited and twisted understanding is that one day a bod turned up noted that almost all had wings and from there on in, became airborne rolled or something.... I had had a few jars when the story was told but think that is the jist.