Airborne Forces?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bibo_boy, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. A friend of mine from 7RHA recently brought me some buckee gear from his tour in Iraq....

    Part of this was an Airborne forces shirt. So what you say?

    Well what's the score with wearing it? Am I gonna be crowned the new king walts!!! or should I tell him thanks but no.....?

    BTW, it's not all bad... I do currently serve with an airborne unit now (hence him getting it for me)

    P.S. Why am I writing this!!! F2ck it I'm putting it on now :)
  2. WALT! If you are jump qualified then wear it. If not, then do not wear it in public. Useful for wearing while shagging the missus though.

    I have a friend who is ex 3 PARA who gave me a Para tie (the maroon one with wings). Great. I am also ex Para Regt (4(V) Bn) the only problem with this tie is that it has the numeral 'I' under the wings. So the tie is as useful to me as tits on a fish. What should I do with it?

    Is there anyone who wants (and is qualified by service to wear) a silk 1 PARA tie? PM an address and I will get it in the post (might be a while as I live in Kosovo).
  3. STOP !!! UNLOAD!!!

    Bibo Boy, there is a giant leap from serving in an Airborne unit and being Airborne. Wait until you've earn't it, it will mean much more and the lads won't fill you in on Tuesday night.

    You've been told, now get out there and start running.
  4. Wow, ok just read it back and it did sound a little waltish...

    I'll place it back in the cupboard until after P-Coy and Jumps.

    As for keeping it to wear when knocking the wife up in.............

    Well the next time that happens, I would have passed it anyway!!!

    Well can't talk now.... off on a run :)
  5. hey BB, is this what your T-Shirt looks like ?

  6. WAH!!!!!

    Are you taking the p!ss?????

    Mines PINK!!!! :roll:
  7. If someone gave you a t shirt from another regiment say 1st royal tank regiment would you want/wear it?
    I would be surprised, unless you had served with that regiment. It wouldn't make any sense. Hence if someone gives you a t-shirt from 7 rha why would you want to wear it unless you 'd served with them?

    It's just the airborne thing, at the end of the day it's that you want to be airborne, not that you want to wear that t-shirt.

    So don't wear it, unless you serve with them. There's no reason to. (Plus there's the whole, you can wear this, you can't wear that, you must have your beret in a certain way.......)

    That's the way I see it anyway.
  8. Words of wisdom

    Too slow do it again