Airborne Forces Museum moving to Duxford

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by blobmeister, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. The current location at Browning Barracks, Aldershot is being converted to civvy houseing, therefore the Museum plan to move in Autumn 08 to an 'All singing and dancing museum' What are your thoughts? I think it will be good because of the money being invested in the new development and the proximity to 16 AAB.
  2. Lets hope they do a good job, Duxford has some outstanding displays moving a museum like this has real potential and will increase the exposure of the Airborne Forces massively.
  3. I agree, I also think that this has a great potential to increase the recruiting drive for the Brigade in the local area.
  4. I'd say both Duxford and the AFM will benefit, especially the AFM. For one thing it should now appear more accessible and inviting, and, more user friendly for Joe Public.

  5. I've had the pleasure of visiting the museum at Browning Barracks once.
    I was surprised it was on a operational base.
    Too bad i wasn't allowed to take piccies inside the museum,because it has the most beautiful scale model of the Arnhem bridge and it's surroundings i have ever seen The rest of the exhibition was also spot on.
  6. As you stated cloggie, because it was on an operational camp, access was hard. Imagine all the school visiter's etc that will have the pleasure of seeing the exhibition. Plus the duxford site will fund it, and there will plenty of visiter's compared to now at it's current location.
  7. I totally agree with you blobs. I can imagine that Duxford will make it so much better accessable. When i was at BB (with family) i had to hand in my passport and was escorted by a squaddie until we entered the museum. So probably they'd hate it when larger groups would come and visit.
  8. wow super museum in the making,my fav exibit is a green fez belonging to the handschar,, waffen ss, only one ive ever seen scince.