airborne ethos

A company of marines are marching back to camp after a weekend excercise when the commander sees a lone para stood to attention next to a bush ontop of a hill. Keen to know whats going on, the commander sends 2 of his men up the hill to investigate. Just before the 2 marines reach the top, the para dissappears behind the bush. The marines follow and a second later all hell breaks loose, there's dust, screams and shouting before the para reappears and stands to attention next to the bush with no sign of the marines.

Annoyed, the commander sends up a platoon, they shoot up the hill and again, before reaching the top, the para dissappears behind the bush. the platoon follow and again, the air is filled with shouting, screaming and bodies flying everywhere before the para reappears, brushes himself down and again, stands to attention next to the bush.

The commander is now livid at the loss of his men and orders the remainder of the company up the hill to kill the para and recover their men. Again, as the company reach the top, the para dissappears behind the bush, followed by the company. For 5 minutes, the commander stands open mouth, watching bodies flying in the air, hearing shouts and screams before noticing one of his men crawl around the bush and slide down the hill. the lone marine struggles to his feet, wipes his eyes and says "SIR, ITS A TRAP, THERE'S TWO OF THEM"!!!!!!!!
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