Airbag thefts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. We had an unexpected visit from some Eastern European types last night who were so kind as to remove the airbag from Mrs. Terrier's car. We weren't the only ones in the area whose airbags are now heading Eastwards, as there were 10 other incidents on the same night.

    I was rather surprised by them targetting the airbags, but it seems that they are quite expensive to replace so there's a big market for them in Eastern Europe. Is this type of crime common in the UK as well?

    Does anyone know of any other unusual/unexpected items that are being being targetted by thieves?

    I'd also be interested in any recommendations as to how I can discourage them from doing it again, if anyone has any good ideas.

  2. Dunno about UK, but a colleague in Geneva had her airbags nicked (she hasn't looked the same since, but that's for another thread) along with various other items of interior trim. It was a brand-new car too (which is probably what made it interesting). And same modus operandi -- a whole bunch of other cars in the area were done at the same time.
  3. Catalytic convertors often nicked from parked cars ..... pikey / eastern european type simply lays under car or more often 4x4 and with one of those pipe cutters like plumbers use removes the cat ..... take them to scrap metal dealers as they have various semi precious metals inside . Scrap metal dealers are as bad as the pikeys because they know the young lads in the transit don't own a garage and have a contract to remove drain covers from every rural road in sussex and kent , and remove all the copper cable for railtrack ;-)
    Think were safe though ... my old landcruiser is too old to have a cat and Mrs G's Merc estate is so low even the kids of pikeys won't fit underneath unless you hit them at 40mph +
  4. There is a constant procession of written off cars (as well as all the nicked/freighted ones) that head east so it only makes sense that a flourishing stolen spare parts market is also in operation to keep them on the road. Obviously if it's a write off and a heavy front ender all the bags will have deployed so will need replacing- that doesn't explain how they're re-setting the computers though as generally that's a dealer only job- mind you if they can nick the rest lets assume they've got the correct software to do this bit aswell. It's nothing new, I worked in an insurance bodyshop 5 years ago and it was tres popular then.
  5. Here in North America the theft of airbags became so bad that there was none available for replacements. Bodyshops are involved in the buying and reinstall. Here it is organized crime that runs it usually (Bikers/mob) it is even mentioned in the series The Sapranos about it! The scumbags usually will move into an area and target mid to high end cars/trucks. The best thing to do! have a junker to drive or a BFD. (Big Fuc-ing Dawg) in the area were you park.
  6. poor old deefer nearly came a cropper one morning as Mrs A walked him, some nice eastern european had buggered off with the drain cover as she walked round the car was a large gaping hole. The whole street had been done. Bit worried about my car now having airbag stolen. Do insurance comppanies pay up for these?
  7. Just a note about airbags in case you did not know, be very careful around them. The bloody things can and will explode if the car gets on fire. Saw this happen at an accident scene, fireman got blown off his feet by the dam thing going off. His only injury was his pride and his underwear. So if the car goes up in flames stay away "She who must be obeyed" is insured. As for the anti Christ car they make them everyday!
  8. If you tack weld a piece of angle iron either side of the exhaust pipe cat. that stops the little scrotes from nicking the Cat.
  9. Killem innit.
  10. That's a new one on me. I had not heard there was a ready market over here in North America for airbags. I've lived in NYC and New Jersey where it's common to see signs in car windows saying "No Radio" and a great big hole in the dashboard, but I had not heard of the airbag scam. Every day's a school day it seems.

    As for catalytic converters, we have had to deal with them since 1975 so I don't think we would have a problem dealing with low-lifes stealing them. They are expensive to replace though if one ever needs one. I had a 1993 Ford Thunderbird with a V-6 engine that I rather liked that the cat plugged up on and had to be replaced. The Ford dealer said the OEM part would be something like $1,000 so he referred me to a chain muffler shop which sold a generic equivalent for only $350. That was mighty thoughtful of him to do that. And the generic replacement was just fine for my purpose. I didn't have any more trouble with that car from the exhaust system for the remainder of time I owned it.
  11. I'd also be interested in any recommendations as to how I can discourage them from doing it again, if anyone has any good ideas.

  12. Yes. Sheep, drain covers and miles of copper cable. How the fcuk do you rip up cable and herd sheep in total darkness without anyone noticing? That said, some cheeky fcukers drained the BFI at Morrisons - and did it in full view of security staff in the main store. Amazing what you can pull off with a high-viz jacket and an empty tanker.
  13. BF, the stealing of cable is done by them setting up on the manhole cover, just like your normal BT/Other company, cut and pull until the whole length of cable is recovered and then they simply close the manhole covers and disappear. The other favourite is to simply go into the company yard and roll drums of cable into a van and drive off.
  14. Had front and rear numbers plates stolen in outer London and it turned out that it's quite common.

    Not only good for driving away without paying from the petrol station, but also can be used for misleading the London Congestion Charges plate recognition/charging system.
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've noticed a lot of BMWs recently with the bumpers missing, my old man who is an ex BMW body repair man, says it's because beemer bumpers are really pricey but relatively easy to remove.

    Other recent examples of random pikeyness include the theft of flagstones from London pavements, lead from the roof of my place of employment and also the mausoleum at my local church, dirty grave robbing pikey *****.