Air Troops RA and RHA 1960s

Any Regimental Historians out there who can tell me anything about the Air Troops which formed part of some of the RA and RHA regiments in the 1960’s? I’m interested in anything anyone can tell me, organisation, types and number of helicopters etc.

In about 1963 it was decided to form air tps/pls in fd regts, armd regts and inf bns. Armd recce regts got an air sqn. They lasted until about 1970 when teeny weeny airways decided they'd look better in a bigger lineup on the tarmac.

I don't think that all the 'eligible' units got them. Priority seems to have been those regts/bns on operations in Aden and Borneo. After this it's not clear although light regts RA/RHA in UK had air tps. The standard tp/pl org was 3 Sioux and 3 pilots, I don't think these had to be RA but generally were in RA regts. Inf bn air pls were more mixed in cap badge. Ground crew in RA regts were RA, obviously with REME a/c techs (only 3 or 4 of these). It's possible that the establishment tables for light regts of that time are now in National Archives, Kew. If not you'd probably succeed with a FOI request (who might also tell the NA file ref if they've been deposited there).
Note that the Army had no aircraft from the disbandment of the Glider Pilot Regiment in about 1946 until the formation of the Army Air Corps in about 1957. In between this the AOP Sqns continued, these were RAF units but all pilots and non-technician ground crew were RA. Their a/c were Austers.

In Korea there was an indepedent AOP flight, 1903, with RA and RAA (not sure about RCA & RNZA) pilots. I think that 14 Fd Regt was in Korea 1951-53 or thereabouts, and am not entirely convinced that France had built any Alouettes by that time. Alouette II was one of the first heli used by the AAC, alongside the Skeeter, basically it was replaced by Scout. No doubt someone on the AAC list can give definitive information but I'm 99% sure that Alouette was never used by RA Regt air tps in the 1960s.

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