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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by batfink2, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Bone question time. Who does the Air Traffic Control at AAC Airfields? :?
  2. Bone Question = Bone Answer

    The Air Traffic Controllers do the Air Traffic Control.

    Easy Really
  3. just to clarify - that's civilian ATC and not AAC personnel.
  4. Well done. You can have a medal for sarcasm in the face of stupidity!

    Edit: Ta - question answered.
  5. Sorry, could not resist.

    I did come back to give a more detailed reply. but alas I have been beaten.
  6. The Manny twins did the servicing on the gear up the tower (forgive me for being a bit technical there). The one that limped had half a beard and drove a Polo as if it was a Porsche. Almost bought it but he said it ratlled a bit at 190kmh. Thought better of it. The other Manny had a bit of a problem (glug glug glug) but of course an accepted condition. He mended my video had it for a week, charged me a couple of handbags and it chewed up my best tape.

    Used to visit the tower but only once saw any ATC staff, usually had a coffee with Manny while Manny had a drink himself (glug glug glug). Nice blokes though but wondered how the tower ever stayed serviceable.
  7. Hi Batfink,
    Wattisham and Wallop ATC are done by the same firm - Serco.

    Not sure about the rest, I think the RAF may do it at Dishforth.

    After a job? :)
  8. No thanks - I've gotta a life! :wink:

    One of my space cadets asked and I was flumoxed for an answer - I figured one of you might know.

    I can't believe SERCO do it. Is there anything that mob don't do!!!
  9. The Serco Group is one of the world’s leading public sector outsourcing companies, with a worldwide presence and a burgeoning reputation.

    Serco is at the forefront of developing new models and approaches for partnership and change – and Serco Consulting brings together our expertise in this area for the benefit of clients.

    Serco's consulting teams bring highly experienced consultants, schooled within market leading firms, with the lessons learned from Serco’s operational business. The result is a consulting capability that offers clients insightful analysis and pragmatic solutions for delivering change.

    Areas of expertise include:

    Programme Management
    Business Architecture
    Business Case
    Programme Office
    Supplier Management
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    Strategy Development and Enterprise Architecture
    Solution Planning And Estimating
    Systems and Architecture Review
    Change Management

    Our consultants work with clients across a diverse range of sectors including central and local government, defence, financial services, health, justice, retail, logistics and transport.

    Serco is a key player in defence markets worldwide. Our experience in the sector dates back to 1964, when we won the UK Government’s first ever outsourced contract, the operation and maintenance of the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales. Today we hold over £2.5bn worth of defence contracts split between land, sea, air, space and technology.

    On land, we provide garrison support services for the Australian Department of Defence and operate three military training centres for Germany’s Bundeswehr. We led a consortium to design, build, finance and operate the Joint Services Command and Staff College in Wiltshire – one of our many UK Ministry of Defence contracts.

    We service naval and marine operations around the world, including the Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and a variety of dockyards in the UK. In Australia, our Defence Maritime Services joint venture with P&O Maritime Services provides port services to all Royal Australian Navy bases and has recently won an 18-year public private partnership (PPP) with the RAN to build and operate patrol boats, which will be used to patrol Australia’s coastal borders.

    We provide aviation support services around the world, including aircraft engineering, fire-fighting and emergency services, air transport security and air traffic control facilities. At Goose Bay airbase in Canada, we supply all base operation services, catering to air forces from the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, and at RAF Benson in the UK, we provide pilot simulator training to the RAF’s Support Helicopter fleet.

    Serco technology is delivering global satellite communications services to the UK armed forces through the Skynet 5 project. We’re also a safety leader, and our consultancy services include undertaking risk assessments for nuclear submarines. In addition, we have won several top safety awards at the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, which we manage in partnership with Lockheed Martin and BNFL. A 15-year extension to this £1.7bn contract at the beginning of 2003 was our largest ever business win.
  10. Nah can't be, it's open at the weekends.
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  11. That's them going the extra mile for you! :wink:

    From the RAF website ( ) :

    "The 1 FTS ATC Sqn is responsible for providing ATC at the following 4 airfields:

    RAF Linton-on-Ouse – Main Operating Base
    RAF Church Fenton – Relief Landing Ground (RLG) and home to Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron (YUAS)
    Dishforth Airfield – Home to 9 Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC)
    Topcliffe – Primary RLG.

    The ATC Sqn at RAF Linton-on-Ouse provides a wide range of functions for aircrew at Linton-on-Ouse, Church Fenton, Dishforth Airfield, Topcliffe and other aircraft which transit the VoY Area."

    Anyway, that's enough googling for one night. :(
  12. Lol

    Although there is a certain AAC sqn at a certain RAF airfield in Hampshire who don't seem to work before 0845 and after 1600 (1200 on Friday's), I do hope this is just them being 'special' and not the way TWA does business everywhere.

  13. You missed the Wednesday afternoons off for PT. Oh - and 3 hour lunch breaks in the Ruperts mess!
  14. Crabs and civvies over here . . .
  15. Of course, how silly of me. I forgot all about the extended lunch breaks and time off for PT.

    In the humble junior service most of us have to do the keeping fit thing in our own time (well those of us who bother). :roll: