air techs to civvy street?/ elec tech to civvy street?


With regards to the qualifications gained in time serving as an aircraft/electronics tech, what occupations have or could people take up after leaving the army?
So, you're not even in the Army and you're already looking at what you can do with the qualifications you get for when you get out?

Blimey fella, have a word.

The simple answer is that you can gain so many quals of a differing nature that it doesnt matter whether you are elec air or avionics tech, all that matters is that when you get out you are qualified for what you want to do on the outside.

Lighten up a bit, dip your toes in the water and then after a few years worry about life in Civ Div
What quals do we get on time served? Am I missing something? I thought it was just my staffy I got that way. Ho hum.

These days, with the range of weird and wonderful positions I've had over the years, I can safely say I'm qualified as a Tels Tech, Street Cleaner, Arbitration lawyer, Range Warden, Arse Wiper Extrordinaire, Social Worker and last but not least Sainthood for my infinite patience for bone questions.:)
What I meant was that he may utilise his enhanced learning credits over time and get qualifications that he could ultimately use later in life.

Mossy - ELC is a scheme wherby you can get money to pursue qualifications and courses to offset the cost. I upgraded my HND to BSc with it and its a great way of getting some extra quals without the student loan


Cheers Sparky, what your sayin makes sense m8 I am just getting a bit ahead of myself worrying about things that I shouldnt even be thinking about.

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