Air Tech signing on again?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Library_Soldier, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Assuming vacancy in rank and trade, kit and post or would there be refresher training in trade, eg six months/year out? How long out would "skill fade/ currency" be a factor?
  2. I guess it depends on what you have been doing whilst you are outside! Flipping burgers in Macdonald's will not help you! So, the answer is almost certainly yes - an eqpt course as a minimum.

    Try contacting the SPSO in Arborfield. Your recruiters will be able to help.

  3. I re-enlisted in 64 after 8 months out and went back in at rank (LCpl) and trade (VMB) with no retraining of any sort , straight into harness with 3 Inf Wksp which was on Strategic Reserve at the time. Were they desperate I ask myself? (And are they now?)
  4. To be honest, i wouldnt worry about things like that, it seems to becoming a growing trend that techs are being posted to units to fill the gaps we made by abolishing the vehicle Electrician trade, subsequently being employed as a VE (but on much better pay!)..... that was the case at my last unit, and seems to be the same at this unit too. im sure you will slip back into the job with ease. Just remember "every day is a school day"
  5. I think it will depend heavily on your level of experience and class when you left. As a minimum I would expect whoever signed your engineering auth form to put you through some sort of continuation training package.

    Did you leave before JAP100A, WRAM, converged paperwork etc? If so then you will have a lot of on the job training to do anyway. None of it will be above you though so dont worry.

    What trade / class were you ?

    Come back in, we are a bit busy at the moment ! :D
  6. i wouldn't worry about anything. i was out 5 1/2 years, did no trade work whilst lashing my redundancy money up against various urinals around the world.

    i went to atr pirbright for a week to do atd's then straight to seae at arborfield to re-do upgraders but without the maths and science.

    my time out has not been a problem, my pension restarted where it left off although you will now be put straight onto pension 2005.

    if you're serious about rejoining i would contact seae and get them to send you through the upgrader precis' so you can study before you come back in. i found this very useful!!!!!!!!

    be warned, it isn't like it used to be!!!!!!! limited postings, loads of time in iraq and afghanistan, big shortages in manpower. however, loads of regular money for not working very hard, loads of leave if you're in the country to take it, fees for sending the kids to school, you might like ipswich for all i know!
  7. Go for civvy licences, harder now but better in the long run.
  8. Ginger, if you are who I suspect you are, that makes 3 upgraders does it not?

    Is this a record?

    Good to see you around the forum.



    (used to be one of your "Jeeps")
  9. You are correct BlotBang, it is I! Strangely enough my time out only put me back about 8 months or so, if I had wanted a career that is!

    Currently working with the Senior Service and waiting for my transfer papers to turn up, can't download them from the intranet, have to get them delivered special.

    The grass may not be bluer, but you get better trips!!

    Hope you're doing well.