Air Support for four insurgents...

Release from the American DoD;

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Afghan and Coalition forces killed one insurgent yesterday in combat in the Deh Rawod District of Uruzgan Province.
While conducting a combined security patrol, Afghan National Army and Coalition elements engaged four Taliban insurgents with small-arms fire, killing one, and then called for close-air support.
Coalition aircraft responded and dropped two joint direct attack munitions – 2,000-pound guided bombs. No battle-damage assessment was available; there were no Afghan or Coalition casualties in the engagement.
“The enemies of Afghanistan cannot stand up to the firepower and strength of Afghan and Coalition forces,” said Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, spokesman for the Coalition’s Combined Joint Task Force – 76. “We will continue to work with our Afghan counterparts to not allow the enemies of this nation a moment’s rest.”

8O 8O 8O 8O

Bloody hell, air support for four bloody people!

And isn't this giving the Afghan Army a unrealistic view of things? How many times are they going to be able to call for air support when we've gone home?
I guess there was nobody else to shoot at at the time, and the aircraft was already up and circling, might as well put all that money to use.



What are you going to say: "Nah, it's ok: keep your JDAMs, we'll do this the old fashioned way..."

Fcuk that. If I was on the ground and I was offered close-air for any number of en then i'd be wanting the lot! By all means nuke them if it stops me gettion shot up!
if you got it use it
quote from a us marine
fav weapon radio and a map stopped me getting all hot and sweaty.
bit rough on allies civillians the press other people on my flank etc etc
Just because when you were last in afganistian aeroplanes hadnt been invented :lol: .
Might've been a waste otherwise.A lot of Strike jets have to ditch the bomb loads as they would exceed the landing weight with them still on the racks on return to the base.This applies to bombs & stuff not missiles tho.
Yeah its not wise to land with bombs though still a bit costly, edging into Vietnam figures where it cost several hundread thousand dollars to kill one Vietcong.

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