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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by plaster, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. the big boys have there thread going with there "big guns" :twisted:

    no how about one for air rifles.. heres mine... its a 707,,22 lets a 14:5 grain "air bullet" on high power knock a bunny down easy..


  2. What's it got to do with "Military History and Militaria"?

    Why not post this in "Shooting Sports"? :?
  3. could not find that,,, give a hand plz
  4. thanks.. looks like i am getting away with it so i will carry on till told otherwise..
  5. I've got a .177 Diana.
  6. Hey, plaster! Why are you using Suitsy's avatar? Make velly confus fo' ole pipple. Chandsch pliss.

  7. i have had it for an age.. (or two )
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do we start showing off in this thread, or wait for the new one? :mrgreen:
  9. I live near a stream and a set of allotments, few problems with rats so bought a air rifle for a couple hundred quid, one of those gas bottle 177 jobs, has one of those 12 slug mag type things and a silencer.

    Question, since the rats which come into the garden now and again simply laugh at me when the slugs bounce off them, failt to kill them, what would be a suitable air type gat to knock a big feckin rat over so it dosent get up?

    advice please, and no, I dont want to use any type of explosive device - air weapon will suffice
  10. .22 for slotting critters, preferably PCP, get closer and hit it in the head.
  11. use "BSA" vermin stoppers... there good at stipping anything under a hare .. and thats at 30 yards with a body shot,, 177,, but would not try it if not ok with aim.

    or better still get hold of a 22... use DYNAMIC air bullets 14:5 grain.. they have an arc in the air thats crazy ,,but they hit hard
  12. cheers lads
  13. well this is not going as good as i expected.. what do you think of anti tamper????