air rifle pest control in hampshire area and hayling island

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jordan98, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. dear readers
    so me and my friends have had air rifles for about a year and a bit within that time we have learnt safety aim and basic general knowledge of the point on which to humanely kill the vermin we do it all for free just to give a help in hand we would like to help anyone in the hampshire area or hayling island as that is where we all live we are all 15 therefore old enough to shot with land owners premission we have all done our homwork on shooting because i know what you think teens and guns not a good combo but no we are all polite and sensible so if you know anyone that needs a help in hand or its yourself feel free to ask for our email thanks
    kind regards jordan
  2. Home work on shooting?
    I think you need to do more homework on your spelling.
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  3. Air rifles are for wimps real men use shovels.
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  4. Bromley has a fox problem, they are eating babies. An air gun is not good enough for foxy you need a pack of hounds.

  5. Where are the Bromley South foxhounds when you need them?
  6. Real men boot them to bits.
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  7. I have a few spare ................... lying around if any use to you?
  8. Are you a member of a club and/or can you consistently hit a half-inch group at 25 yards? Can you judge distance well enough to tell if a rabbit is 15, 25 or 35 yards away and whether you should aim high, low or dead on to ensure a quick kill? If not then do not consider shooting live quarry.
    I suggest once you have done that you then join an organisation such as BASC:
    BASC - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation
    Junior airgun membership should only cost £20 per year or so but will give you £10 million of 3rd party insurance and also advice/legal representation should you ever need it in respect of your shooting.
    BASC website also has pre-printed permission letters with a space for photo. Get some of these printed and visit local farms, stables, golf courses etc WITHOUT your rifle and NOT ghillied up like some sniper from Battlefield Bad Company 2.
    Tell them you are member of XYZ rifle club and a fully insured member of BASC and ask for permission to shoot vermin on their land. That will give the landowner comfort that you are responsible. Insurance is absolutely vital. Quite a lot will refuse but you will eventually get lucky.
    If they agree then get them to sign the document and provide a contact number. Then make sure you know EXACTLY what land you can shoot on and when, and carry that permission letter whenever you are shooting on the land in question.
    The reason for this is that any member of the public seeing you wandering about with an air rifle may report you to the police and without that permission letter you could be arrested for armed trespass, a serious offence. That arrest will probably be unlike any dealings you have ever had with the police, but you will at least get to see some real guns close up.
    Hope that helps.
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  9. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    He's on the dole - he couldn't afford the punctuation marks.

  10. Nah..!! council tax/housing benefit/prescrip/eyetests etc...all paid for..!!
  11. Would I be comfortable letting air rifle toting 15 year old lads onto my land?

    Probably not as I'm more than aware of what can happen when boredom sets in whilst being armed. I was a 30 odd year old SNCO on Telic 1 and still managed to send a few rounds into camels whilst in the wastelands North of Al Amarah.

    In my defence, I was very bored at the time.
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  12. There is a lot to take in moving from paper punching in the garden to going onto live quarry, especially with air rifles. Getting a few yards out can be the difference between a clean kill and a miss/injury.

    Learning to judge distance in a variety of settings is vital. A good way to get practice in is to try out Hunter Field Target. HFT is good fun and puts your skills to the test.

    Shooting the breeze website should give you details of your local club. You want to be scoring 90% before even considering quarry. Im not bad and average 55/60. 2points for killzone. 1 for 'body' shot and 0 for a miss. 30 targets usually. Im much much better on quarry (over 99%) because I only take the shot if sure.

    Aimpoints (elevation and windage adjustments) are roughly the same over 60 yards as what a sniper would be doing over several hundred yards but you've got a lot less leeway in range estimation.

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  13. Alternatively, you could adopt my "point and hope" approach.

    Perfected whilst shooting feral pigeons in ASDA's stock rooms.
    Learnt when doing my APWT.
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