air rifle and night vision kit for sale

advertised in the classifieds too

I have my Logun Sweet 16 for sale.

Calibre .177 with full fitted moderator

Its the Mk2 s version, which isn't as prone to mis feeds and stoppages as the original model.

The gun is for sale as a full package comprising of the gun itself, a harris bipod ( genuine Harris not a copy) a set of optik scopes which are 3-9 with a parallex end bell from 20 yards up to 200 yards. Last on the list is the case or slip. it fits the gun comfortably and has 2 shoulder straps so it can be carried comfortably like a back pack, it has a long zippered compartment, a smaller zippered compartment and 4 long thin compartments which are velcro closed.

I think a very fair price for the whole package is £500

I also have a 7litre 300 bar diving tank in test for another 3 years and a din fitting pressure guage. I would like to ask for £110 for the two together.

I also have a set of Yukon NVRS titanium night vision scopes for sale, these cost £699 new but I am prepared to part with them for £300

Finally I have a pair of Yukon ranger digital night vision binoculars, £299 from new, will accept £225

Happy to haggle with prices, photographs available if needed

Thanks for reading my ad.



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Nick - Remove your phone number - the whole world can see it! Send it via PM - you nugget!


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one_pip_wonder said:
I'm sure I've seen that number on a service stations toilet
Even if you haven't, you will do soon!
BiscuitsAB said:
Legs said:
Nick - Remove your phone number - the whole world can see it! Send it via PM - you nugget!
HA to late I've got it and I'm going to post it on a ladyboy escort site with an inappropraite picture, Nick expect incoming calls from lots of nice "gentlemen" .

Nah not really im not that much of a cnut. Could be fun though.
I am though ... :twisted:

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