Air Rifle advice for sprog

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by trickywoo56, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello shooting types,

    I've managed to bag a cottage right on lake Coniston over Christmas and want to use some of the time to teach my 9 yr old to shoot with an air rifle.

    Couple of quick questions if I may

    i. .177 or .22?

    ii. He's not a big lad so I think a junior rifle would be better to start. My nearest shop is GT Sports in Coulsdon and they have one for £60. Sounds perfect to me - anything to look for in particular? Anthing I ought to get other than a few targets and pellets?

    iii. Is it legal to shoot with an air rifle in private grounds in a National Park? Presumably offing pidgeons and the like is out but that's not really what this is about.

    Thanks folks
  2. Just found this which seems pretty unequivocal:

    "Legal airgun quarry species include magpies, rooks, squirrels and woodpigeons" taken from Air Gunner
  3. 177,flatter trajectory,less affected by wind,less power required to shoot pellet,lighter weapon for a littley.

    Very simplistic,and I dare say there will be other opinions,but it's my six pennorth. :wink:
  4. Wood pigeon may only be taken under the terms of the general licence which essentially means for the protection of crops/human health/aircraft safety.

    Either 177 or 22 is fine. 177 pellets should be slightly cheaper and there's less pellet drop to account for with range so I'd get one of those. By law your son may only shoot under supervision at that age. No pellet must exit the boundary of the land on which you are shooting and you must be 50 feet or more from the centerline of any highway that comprises a carriageway (a road to you or me!)
    Chalk disc targets are good.

    Have fun!
  5. Smashing, thanks gents.

    I'll get a .177 and ask the owner of the place if I can shoot on the land just to be safe,

  6. I bought an SMK 1970 Biathlon training rifle for my lads as a starter rifle when they were that age...

    It looks a bit plastiky, however it has proper aperture sights, a safety catch and most importantly, is the right size and weight for juniors.

    I would not let my pair shoot anything live at that age. They had to prove they were safe and could hit anything they needed to before we considered live quarry. In any case such a small rifle is not really powerful enough to ensure a clean kill.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Coke Cans and plastic models - have more fun!

  8. I found (could only afford) an old .22 pistol taught me to shoot better. I had access to a mates .177 rifle later and could out shoot him after a few dozen shots to get my eye in.

    Good enought to get 127th at Bisley a few years later (when there were 600-1000 shottists )82,83,84 and 85. :D
  9. The Afrika Korps were never safe in our rockery!