Air Portable Fuel Cells

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by maninblack, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    There are a number of the egg shaped air portable fuel cells around in service that can be slung under a Chinook and carried forward for tectical refuelling.

    I know what the manufacturer calls them but what are they referred to in service?
  2. APFCs is the technical term.

    Otherwise known as 'b o l l o c k s'.

    edited so it didn't say 'balls'!
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for confirming that. :D
  4. APFC = Air Portable Fuel Container.

    Capicity of 1956Ltr, can be air dropped once, free drop of 6ft, turning circle of 60ft when using towing yoke, towing speed of 5mph, upto 5 can be carried beneath a Chinook.

    THS (Ex-RGJ and ex-TSW crab). :wink:
  5. Early 72 beach landing from Fearless Denmark 24 inf brg.
    Soiux with Brigade Commander takes off min fuel and then soon has to land, scream for more fuel.
    Wessex with two drums underslung and me with 'Ships' wobble pump inside fly and deliver. Pilot drops off 2 by 45 gall drums say 300 yards from Sioux. Plowed field with 'ruts' at right angles to direction of balls to Sioux.
    I was nackered getting first drum over, pilot helped for about last 200 yards, Brig Fummed. Raised drum fitted Filter to tank and started pumping, any water would be in suspension! Pass about ten galls and pump ceases to funcktion. Ever wished you could die. Brig going balistic, I've a war to run. We found that by tilting drum we got a few more pumps out of pump.
    Get second drum says pliot, (REME Tiff WO II) second drum pushed over first ten galls pump OK then no go again.
    Court martial, firing squad, being promised from he on high.
    Pilots decides 20 galls sufficent and leaves, Wessex cums back and we return to Fearless.
    No ones speaking, Navy whip their pump away.
    Later we find out crack in stand pipe allowing air in after ten gallons point.
    Leaned a lot about soldiering that day.
  6. Anyone recall the time OC 669 took off from a boat in a Scout with half a tank of water?

    UT had been tasked to wash the salt off the cab, shoved the end of the hose into a convenient hole on the Scout, while he went to turn off the water.

    Boss fires up, pulls into the hover, just about to launch when things went quiet on him.
  7. Cloudbuster
    OC 669 (IW) ?
    Ya've got mi memory in overdrive. Bloody painful.
  8. Yeah, I know. :(

    I can do you a very interesting step by step description of a gum or distillation test of Avtur too if you want...... :wink:

  9. You're a dirty Pet Op? Noddy? Is that you in there?
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Volume 1955 litres nominal
    Weight 135Kg empty (nominal)
    Can be airdropped 8 times (MoD spec amended)
    Towing speed 10 KmP/H
    Tailgate/heli drop maximum 4 metres

    MiB...........The king of APFCs.
  11. We delivered quite a few of these into the highlands of New Guinea during the famine relief op called Ples Drai.We would drop them off to FARPs at places with exotic names like Telefomin along with several tonnes of rice and flour which would then be distributed by Blackhawk. All week we would push them off the ramp and let them roll a hundred yards or so into a ditch which was convieniently placed next to the FARP. Unbeknownst to us on this day a new helo crew had arrived and they didn't want their fuel bladders in the ditch. The Herc crew grunts and groans to get the bladder rolling towards the ditch and after it rolls about 50yds were astonished to see a member of the army come racing into its path and attempt to stop it like Superman stopping a bus. He was of course unsuccessful and it goes over him like a comedy steam roller (without serious injury) and comes to rest in the ditch . They didn't try and stop the next one.