Air Miles (anyone clued up)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Anyone in the know about airmiles?

    Can they be gifted?

    Example, Holidays4heroes, instead of cash collects airmiles and converts them to bums on seats for long haul flights...... is it possible? is it allowed?

    Help bitte
  2. Clued up I am not.

    A 15 Mins on the internet brings up nothing about donating your air miles to a given charity.

    Some sites say that if you don't want your air miles the airline will donate to their own charity.

    Not saying it can't be done just looks like it is not at the moment.

    Which bring up the question of rather than donating to charity can they be transfered to one person.

    Back to searching
  3. I think they can but will check with the Airmile guru's tomorrow
  4. This is the answer on the Airmiles site:

    How do I transfer my AIR MILES® reward miles to another account?

    Answer: To transfer AIR MILES reward miles to another account, you must complete a Transfer Account Form and mail or fax it to the AIR MILES Service Centre.

    Please be aware that only AIR MILES For Business® Collectors can transfer reward miles.
  5. One trick you could try is to merge the accounts (i.e. pass your account details to H4H, who will then merge yours with theirs) - they'll then get any existing miles, as well as those you collect later. This isn't restricted to Business Collectors, so should work.

  6. Think the airmiles Call Centre used to be in Camberley, and that applications for donations to charity used to have to be made in writing, nominating the charity that you wanted them to consider.

    Ex colleague did it about five years ago, but not sure how he got on - part of the reason he wanted rid, was to lessen the agro on the annual tax return. Will check with the travel admin at work and let you know MDN - from memory, they're not worth an awful lot these days.