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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by soldier.a, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a larger air mattress that offers a good balance between size and comfort?

    Here is my problem. I'm after something that offers more padding than the issue inflatable mattress or its civilian equivalents (Multimat, etc) and can be inflated with the Mk1 lung, but it seems the next thickest thing up from such products is a full blown air bed which is too big.

    The only product I've encountered that might do what I need is the AeroBed PakMat which is an ideal size and thickness but still requires a pump which handily doubles as it's container but is still really a bit too big.

    If anyone knows of any other products then I would be grateful to hear them.
  2. Check out the range of sleeping mats from

    Last year I put my trusted Thermarest away and went with a Dozer from Alpkit. Quite large but as my camping is now car based this is not a problem.

    After using it a few times I can say that the only time that I will go back to the Thermarest is if I have to carry everything on my back again!

    Thick self inflating camping mat - Dozer - Sleeping Mats Outdoor Gear Shop - Alpkit


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  3. Thanks that looks about the size I'm after. Quick question though, how man portable is it when not inflated. Does it take a lot of space when compacted
  4. The size specs are in the link. Think of it as a fatter thermarest. As I said my camping is now done by car so I have the space to carry it but it is not that big when rolled up just too big if you were having to carry all of your camping gear in a bergan.

    How man portable? It's a sleeping mat! It weighs less than a couple of Kgs. Pick it up with one hand and throw it around if you want to. Just kidding, but it really is no problem at all.


  5. Ahhh that kind of rules it out of the running as it has to be small enough to be carried in a bergan. :-(
  6. It is a while since this thread concluded, so this is a call out for more up to date comments.

    I have a week of walking and camping ahead of me, and since I hit age 50 have found that a foam sleeping mat is not enough any more, hence the need for an air mattress. I would rather lug something biggish and heavyish that allows for a good night's sleep than compromising for weight and size.

    From the links above, the following seem to fit the bill:
    Alpkit - Dirtbag - 5 cm thick self inflating sleeping mat (at 900g), or
    Alpkit - Dozer - thick self-inflating camping mat (at 1900g)

    So before I order, has anyone a recommendation for other providers?