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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Jacques_Bustard, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Could anyone tell me where the intakes are for air that is used to ventilate the interior of a car? Are they usually at the very front of the car near the radiator grill or are they situated closer to the windscreen or is there no commonality instead does it varies between manufacturers?

  2. in the bulkhead normally pal, where the engine compartment ends, under the windscreen, there will be a pollen filter and that is where it takes its feed from. I think. Prepared to be proved wrong though. What motor is it for?
  3. Thank you, its not for any single make/model but a generic question. Its related to the news last week that researchers claimed a link between legionella bacteria in windscreen washer bottles and subsequent legionnaire's disease in car drivers and passengers. They proposed that the bacteria enter the passenger compartment when the windscreen is cleaned using the washer bottles and I wanted to check if this was feasible. If air entered the passenger compartment from the very front of the car then the theory seems unlikely but given that it enters close to the windscreen wipers/washers then it is theoretically possible that aerosoled bacteria from the washers could enter the passenger compartment. I'm not convinced, based on the evidence they gathered that this is a risk factor or that the use of screenwash reduces this risk as they claim.
  4. I would think that the detergent and anti-freezing chemicals in screenwash would be quite sufficient to eliminate serious risk of legionella. Particularly if, as most of us do, you use a winter formula all year round, just slightly more diluted in the summer months.

    But yes, the air intakes are usually a small grill at the bottom of the windscreen (more obvious on older cars usually). To prove the possibility of something getting in, try using one of halfords fragranced screenwashes. You will smell it quite clearly in the cabin after squirting your windscreen.
  5. different cars have different methods of air intake - some use single intakes that then pass through a second pollen filter under the bulk head, others completely separate. Legionella will not survive in an alcohol based windscreen wash - it's funny you see - hospitals use alcohol to sterilise!!! i'd suggest taking the "research" with a pinch of salt.
  6. Not to be argumentative with pacestick but older cars generally do not have the pollen filters - that is a relatively new-fangled invention.

    But his point is correct about alcohol in the screen wash. How many people do you know who use water only in their screen wash bottle? I know of none as it is very innefective at removing road grime by itself.
  7. I'm unconvinced by the researchers findings and especially their claim that 20% of sporadic Legionniares disease being preventable by using screen wash. I've checked out ('cos I'm very sad) the amount of alcohol in different brands of screenwash and there is variation in the same brand, e.g. ethanol 10-30%, and wide variation between different brands e.g. Ethanol 1-100%. The authors suggest that any use of screenwash is protective against legionella but how much is neccesary, does it degrade over time, will it penetrate biofilm etc? I'm not sure the numbers of people in the study were large enough to reliably predict the risk of not using screenwash either. Its all biologically plausible but to my mind remains unproven.
  8. FFS just stick in a capful of Pine Disinfectant. If the Halfords smelly is too expensive, Lidl have a nice apple one in the W5 range they stock ;)


    ps. Meths may clear greasy smears, but it stinks :omg:
  9. DO NOT, do as I did as a student, and think that posh washer fluid is just a load of water with a bit washing up liquid.

    Add a bit of Fairy Excell, couple of pints of water, job done!

    Until I went to wash the screen, with my new genius recipe. It's a bit like fitting a couple of those Fire Engines you get a airports to your washer jets. Instant foam and bubbles, followed by the wipers which just smear the washing up liquid across the screen making it impossible to see (this was at night in the sticks).

    Lesson Learned.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ah. I see your problem. Perhaps I can help?

    A crowbar.

    Do your windscreen with the crowbar. Hold your tax disc in your left hand so you dont get nicked by the Filth.

    Should someone in front of you spray you with water, simply stand up (in the hole where you have cut out the roof of your car) and lob the crowbar end-over-end into the back of their fucking head.

    Tell the dead ones bird that next time she should fall in love with a more careful man.

    Hope this helps?
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Industrial hard surface cleaner (aka floor wax) - now there's another thing not to put in your windscreen washer bottle.

    I only know that 'cos sh#tferbrains in the MT of my TA unit did just that, when he ran out of washer solution the day before I drove the Corsa from Coventry to Cornwall.

    3 things I now know about hard surface cleaner (aka floor wax):
    (1) You can't see through it
    (2) It sets while the wiper blades are spreading it across the screen
    (3) It takes a long time to scrape off the windscreen, and over a year to eliminate the last traces of it from the paintwork.

    Legionella!! Ha - I laugh at mere bacteria (mind you - they could actually be brighter than he was) :D
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fascinating, but it dont really help Jacques_Bustard avoid horrible disease, does it?

    You could try a handbrake turn (but not in a 4x4) then you would be pointed in the opposite direction to the Legionares spraying bastard. It wouldnt do you much good, but you could twat the cunt in the Cleo who had been up your arse for the last 3 miles.

    If one has to die choking blood from Legionares disease, one might as well take out a Cleo driver, what what?
  13. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Apply enough hard surface cleaner (aka flor wax) and I'm pretty sure you would rapidly find yourself and your motor cocooned in a carapace so f#cking tough your legionella bacterium would be incapable of penetrating it - even if it were armed with one of your bestest crowbars.

    As for Clios - give their windscreens the floor wax treatment and they'll write themselves off soon enough.