air gun yob guilty of murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. hers a prime candidate for the pit
    gormless cretin
    the parents of the child want air rifles banned probably don't have a problem with target shooters and hunters just yobbos on housing estates :cry:
  2. I'm glad the ******** is going to be locked up.

    The normal kneejerk reaction of the Government will be to call for a ban on airguns, which will do absolutely nothing to prevent this type of thing happening again. I doubt it will happen, they will be unlikely to fund the compensation for what must be millions of airguns out there.

    Energies would be better spent removing the type of scum from society that commit crimes like this.

  3. good, this is what should happen.
  4. Barst*rd I hope he gets put in with the main population and not segregated, ferker deserves a kicking for the rest of his natural and I hope its a long one... At times the death sentence whilst well deserved is just too quick.

    My thoughts and wishes go out to Andrew and his family
  5. What an awful tragedy to lose a little child in such a way. But to then demand a ban on airguns is hardly the way forward. It seems to always be the same story. Kid gets burned by fireworks - ban fireworks. Kid goes A over T off his skateboard - ban skateboards. It was the same with handguns too. The ban should never have been introduced. But working on the same principle, a couple of 30-odd car pile-ups on the M1 should be enough to ban cars forever. But, strangely, in that case people are willing to accept the trade-off of a few lives lost in return for mobility. The world get strangerer and strangerer.

  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This tw@t was, and more importantly, still is a junkie. He will get on very well with his junkie mates in jail. He has been on remand for a few months - you had better believe he has his 'gang' well sussed out before sentencing. I would love it if he tripped going down the stairs to the cells from the dock.
  7. 1. How long and how many .22 airgun pellets would it take before someone can be considered to be knee-capped?
    2. I have a candidate in mind to be the test subject- any volunteers to be the button man?
  8. This case was about 12 months ago and the scotish parlament called for licencing of air rifles over this. but like dunblane guns dont kill people nutters do!!

  9. twat was in the habit of shooting at passing school kids pity he had'nt been locked up for that
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Devil Dave - while I agree with you to an extent that it is nutters who kill for fun, just a couple of points.

    1. This happened in March this year - a very quick, and in my view satisfactory outcome.
    2. It may be nutters who fire the guns but what is the status of those who make and sell them knowing that the chances of a nutter getting hold of one (or more) is very high?

    What really piss ed me off was the guy tried to use the excuse that he was out of his head on drugs therefore could not be convicted of murder. Thankfully he was fecked off on this - let's hope his defence will take note.

    As I said before he will more than likely be well looked after by his druggie pals in jail, but if he comes to some quick, sharp and effective accident, I will not break out in tears.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You are playing Devil's Advocate here Auld-Yin, aren't you ?
  12. "A jury of eight men and seven women" !!!!!

    Sh1t got what he deserved ope he rots.
  13. would another call to bring back hanging, fall on yet more deaf ears or a government too keen to "rehabilitate " these scum?

    Well a good thing will be he will go to prison, for a long time, and those hard men in prison don't like child killers, so i am sure he will be well looked after, they know his face and there is only so long he can be kept in solitary
  14. Nutters can get hold of a car with relative ease and as a mater of fact a car is significantly more leathal than an air rifle producing 12ftlbs for that mater so is a ball pein hammer.

    As was stated above he had been shooting at people b4 this yet had not been lifted and put away for it just like thomas hamilton all the warning signs were there.

  15. Happened in march this year.