Air Gun Teacher On Hunger Strike


A teacher jailed for six months for firing an air gun at a gang of youths has gone on hunger strike after being refused bail ahead of an appeal.

Linda Walker, 48, who teaches children with behavioural problems, fired the gun during an argument with a gang of "yobs".

Her husband John Cavanagh said: "Linda is refusing food. She was extremely disappointed to hear she would not be allowed bail.

"This is a protest against her treatment. She has been very quiet throughout this whole business, she has kept silent in the hope that this would help her get bail.

"But now she feels she must make some gesture to make her feelings about the situation known.

Although she will stay in jail for the time being, an Appeal Court judge said her case was being treated as urgent and would be reviewed by May 5, if not before.

If her appeal is heard at the beginning of May, Walker will have served about five weeks - the equivalent of a 10-week sentence.

The mother-of-two says her appeal is based on new evidence from a milkman proving that at least one of the youths was lying when he said he had never been on her property and that what she told police about the gang's behaviour was true.

Walker was found guilty of affray and possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence after a week-long trial at Manchester Crown Court.
A misguided way to protect your family and property but is there no common sense? Again the chav culture is allowed to hide behind the same laws that hammer an otherwise decent, upstanding citizen. I hardly blame her for taking such extreme action as going on hunger strike...although I'm too much of a greedy git to give up the pies.
She seems to be a bit of a loon but 6 months? She should have gone the whole hog and nutted one of them and got her money's worth.
or slot them and dump the bodies
I hope someone who has some power sees sense and releases her.

Next time she needs to lure/drag the scum into her house, scream at the top of her voice and then use a large machete to cut these filth into bits...make that small bits.
Since when could a teacher shoot straight (going purely on AGC(ETS) data and evidence)?
"She was extremely disappointed to hear she would not be allowed bail."

What kind of crap is this?

Are they afraid she might get another BB pistol and psychologically traumatize another hoodlum? Do these "yobs" constitute a protected species like the blue heron and the spotted owl?

What kind of people are these judges?
Gents you are missing the point!

You are blinded to the entire issue becuase of your perceptions to "chav culture"

This hunger strike is even more of "its everyone elses fault but my own"

Well she could do with losing a few pounds anyway. :roll:

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