Air Force communicators prepare for operational role

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 28, 2011.

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  2. 10 days?

    They must be due a medal and some PETL.

    and some serious therapy.
  3. [​IMG]

    RAF specialists spending time in the field
  4. They're being deployed to Italy and Cyprus ffs, do we really need to have this crap.
  5. Ten days "in the field" to prep for postings to Italy and Cyprus?

    Bless their cotton socks, how do they cope?
  6. This is obviously the rifle carry relay test:

    one rifle, three crabs per team, 100m.....go!

  7. Ah, these will be the chaps I saw driving up the M1 one evening with Cormorant.

  8. An obvious fake designed to give a misleading impression of the RAF.

    There's no golf buggy in that phot.
  9. What was the quote "Training at Driffield, experiencing almost every type of weather"

    In July, so that would be rain then, **** me.
  10. Being a proud member of the Royal Corps of Signals, I fell ill-at-ease criticising fellow military communicators but, honest-to-Christ, was it slack news day at the MoD? This sort of crap does nothing to enhance the image of the Royal Air Force.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    After a moment of philisophical reflection, it is hard to think of anything to enhance the image of the Royal Air Force......

    The RAF bleeps should be OK down there, the mobile phone providers are pretty good.
  12. Could have at least sent them to Catterick for a bit of a challange, I can see it now

    "Flt Sgt, we have established comms with moonbase Leeming"
    "In this harsh terrain ? My god man the Libyans won't know whats hit them"
    "Permission to take the week off and play golf Flight ?"
    "Of course laddie, after all you may not get the chance again in Italy"
  13. In this photo we see a crab being sent to coventry for knowing what a rifle is! The other two mincing behind him are his 'walk of shame' escort! having been told to 'f**k off and come back when he's forgotten anything remotely military and conforms to Crab standards in crapness!
    10 days in the field = only a 3 star hotel.
  14. Well cam'd up though, I only saw the bird in the centre
  15. Knowing Driffield training area fairly well I can reveal that this field location is in fact about 20 metres from a main road. What the picture actually portrays is the armed escort for SAC Doris as she makes her way to the portaloos, a buttock clenching 400m from the comms site. Coincidently 400m is the RAF's fitness test so said Doris pulled off two training objectives at once. Nav and fitness.