Air Force Afghanistan Channel 5.........recycled Warzone

Was billed as a brand new series but had the same hyperactive Harrier driver, the RAF Regiment newbies and even a snap of the Welsh admin bint. They did say it was coming back in the summer.

Any one see it?
Trying to emphasis how good it is at KAF, how the vast majority have good conditions and that their little johnny will come home with all bits attached - nothing to do with recruiting pinch point trades either of course!


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MERT in Chinook next week ?

Didn't see 'Warzone' but understand from some who did that it was.......unrepresentative.

I'm guessing that someone who's just spent 6 months in FOB Armadillo won't see too many parallels with life in KAF....

Don Cabra
It was bad! As an ex-RAF Bombhead it made me embarresed to watch this car crash TV! (I turned over & watched Masterchef)All inter-service slagging aside,I was embarresed for my service in the RAF to see it reduced to what was basically reality TV/soap opera at it's worst!
The Army/RM have the harder front line job compared to us but we all have a contribution to play,myself in my day was bombing up the jets to send the enemy to hell!
FFS a stint down MPA looks harder!!!
But I think C5 like producing this crap! (re-Axemen/Oilmen ect)
I just watched half an episode of this car crash (cheers spike) of a television programme.

I don't mind that somebody wants to make a documentary about Kandahar or Bastion (even if I can't quite understand it), but it's incredibly frustrating that civvies who watch this will assume that this is what life is like for all units who deploy.

On Telic a few years ago, a handful of lads managed to get themselves tasked with escorting someone to a hotel in Kuwait - and spent a couple of hours splashing around a swimming pool whilst there. The welfare officer got hold of some pictures, and stuck them in a newsletter to the families. Cue hundreds of wives and girlfriends hitting the roof because we're all "on holiday"!


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The programme blurb on the Sky programme planner gave a big clue as to how cr@p it would be when it trailed AFA thus - "New recruits arrive in Afghanistan."

Seems a bit harsh to send people there without training them first.
Seems a bit harsh to send people there without training them first.
It's like serving ice cream to a spastic. It doesn't matter what it tastes like, because he's going to drop it anyway.

RAF Ref are going to f*ck it up regardless - we may as well save a bit of cash and skip the 'training' part.

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