"Air Force Afghanistan" Channel 5, 2000


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tackleberry626vgs said:
Just watched the new tarted up version of "Warzone". Anyone know why it dissapeared and came back with a facelift, with exactly the same content?
I beleive the blurb stated that the first couple of episodes of the rebranded series was going to revist the initial episodes albeit in a rehashed way to bring it back up to speed after episodes 2 or 3 it's supposed to be more warry featuring the mert and other stuff
I liked it. The state of the buildings brought back memories of South Camp in the Sinai in 1986... Even my wife sat through it - and she made a good comment about how good it was to see how the troops cope with daily life.

And all respect to Frenchy - talk about an angel of mercy.
Chill out your lordship..I've done some time, nothing exciting, but enough to feel I can legitimately comment/express a personal opinion..so if you don't fall into any of the said categories then it shouldn't offend you..
Saw the episode, last night, and must admit I was impressed by some aspects. Specifically the care given to our lads being casevaced by both chinook and C17. It must take a lot of bottle to land a chopper on a hot LZ knowing you are a target all the way in.
I was very humbled by the care given to the wounded going home, and the cheerful attitude of that young nurse, doing a quick turn round to get back to help out back at Kandahar.
On the down side, That fishead political officer came across as a bit of a tw@t.
jaegerkommando said:
I liked it. The state of the buildings brought back memories of South Camp in the Sinai in 1986...

I was there 10 years later. Best food I ever had in the Army, and the Brit contractor bar served pitchers of mixed drinks at lethal concentration for a very reasonable price. Liver took a hell of a beating on that tour.

Sorry for the diversion, back to your regularly scheduled crab fishing...


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