Air fares to Germany?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. I lifted the quote below from another forum.Then I thought I would get some expert advice from those who are up to speed o the current situation.The OP rambles a bit,and goes off piste,but perhaps someone can comment.If you have nothing better to do,that is.Ta.


    A staff member has become an auntie for the first time - hooray! She's hoping to visit the cute-faced addition to her family in Germany, where her brother is stationed.

    This led to a conversation on the cost of flights.

    I shouldn't have been surprised, of course, but actually I was. Like bumping up the cost of fares to coincide with children's school holidays, apparently our chums in the aviation industry have sussed out the leave dates and charge extortionate rates. It means our armed forces personnel are charged upwards of £300 just to come home and visit their family.

    I just wonder what you think about this practice? A fair enough commercial decision based on supply and demand, or one price fits all and should stay the same for everyone?

    Or do you perhaps feel that these companies our ripping off the people who are prepared to lay down their lives for us and this charging policy is beneath contempt?
  2. We've know for years that prices go up and down according to the time of year.

    Personally I think its wrong. If it costs X to run a plane then that is what we should be charged... all year round, with a suitable tariff on top for a bit of profit.
  3. I take it you live in a socialist utopia with other kindred spirits and all share the collective wealth of the republic as equals? :roll:
  4. It is a true statement that the price of fares out of Germany oddly goes up on Friday in a same way the fares go up from UK to Germany on a Sunday - not that I would expect the German businesses to cash in on a revenue stream of young men and women with high disposable income or nuffink.

    However, it fairness, book early - book cheap. Fares can go as low as €20 less tax if you book a few months out and perhaps go on a Thursday etc.
  5. It's the same for Internal UK flights as well, so it's not exactlly targetting the BFG Based personnel now is it.

    Supply and demand, popular dates and routes are more expensive which helps subsidise the less popular dates and routes.

    Simples !
  6. Not at all. I just don't want to be ripped off.

    The local butchers doesn't up the prices of turkeys at Christmas. Do fishmongers charge extra on Fridays?

    Where does the extra cost come from for the Friday/holiday flight?
  7. Florists at Valentines?