Air Despatcher

Morning all.. My lad is 18 and looking at the Army for a career he is interested in the following trades

• Air Despatcher
• Aviation-support-specialist
• Aviation-groundcrew-specialist
I was hoping someone could give me some Info on these jobs e.g. Entry route, Training and subsequent postings also job availability.

Thanks in advance for any help... by the way I`m and Ex Crab.. but don’t hold that against me!
The job of AD/Driver is a direct entry job so he can apply,it is however a popular choice with limited places per year hence there is selectivity ,just go to the nearest Careers office they will explain the process and more importantly the grading system at ADSC ,the current standards are high and he needs to aim for an A grade to get a place in training in that role,as with all jobs now the overall grading has a direct impact as whether and when you get a place in training.The whole process can take upto 12 months.

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