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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by masher69, May 13, 2009.

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  1. my son who leaves school soon was intrested in being a gunner, but now has a real intrest in joining 47 ad , as this looks like a small unit competion must be stiff for places, he is a bright lad , good exam passes (better be) , any info on this trade i can pass on will be great !
  2. i visited 47 ADast summer, based at raf lyneham in wiltshire

    what do you want to know about them?
  3. whats the selection process? is it limited numbers? whats eyesight must he have? good crack or not?
  4. I think if he is a bright lad he would be wasted at 47 AD.
  5. dont know a whole lot about selection and number of places, there wasnt very many people there when i went, but it could be a case that they had people on leave/ops

    it appeared to be a deccent unit (not that i have anything to compare it with) and when i visited, what they showed us of their role looked really good

    its location is good, lyneham is a deccent place, near to swindon and bristol, and has a really good junior ranks mess

    sorry thats all i really know!!
  6. Lyneham is set to close.
  7. ahh yeah forgot about that...
    is 47 AD going to move to brize with the rest of the hercs etc? (i think its brize...)
  8. According to Pprune, the move to Brize is certainly on the cards.

  9. And you would know this?
  10. Have a look here:

    Probably a bit "sanitised" as it is on the www, but may be some pointers.

    IIRC selection is on the tougher side in that there are limited places and so they can be a bit more choosey about who they take. Fitness levels need to be well up (as per the whole Army, really) in that the role can be physically very demanding (what isn't...) and there is an "Airborne" streak that runs through the place, but the training is first rate - think High Altitude, think Sea Survival plus lots of Heavy Plant, boats and the like.

    I would only say to be aware it may be a bit "specialist" (no cracks about the boathouse or black nasty, thanks) in that AD is AD and if you were to look at a transfer out into the wider logistical world, you may be a bit too specialist. However lots of civvie cross over (think air logistics etc) so it may depend on how long the lad wants to stay in and what he really wants: A “job” in the Army or a “Career” in the Army…

    Circus Pony
  11. Yes I would, otherwise I wouldn't have said it.
  12. Please do Explain, I am genuinely intrigued.

  13. Morning T2B how goes it mucker?

    Dolly I'm all ears, the floor is yours as they say, in your own time go on........
  14. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I can see where this is going. Keep it real or I'll bin it!

  15. There is a selection process(Physical and mental attributes are taken into consideration) and it is not an attendance course and yes there are limited numbers on each course so the training wing can pick and choose.

    Eyesight wise, colour blindness is a no go.

    As for a good crack, It's a work very hard, play hard unit, very close knit and the rewards are good.

    Ask Dolly for more info she seems well informed