air despatcher training

new on here so sorry if im posting in the wrong place.

im starting phase 1 at pirbright in the next few weeks and after i will be going on to phase 2 for air despatch. i was just wondering if anyone could give me some information about what phase 2 will involve? (i know the basics but there's not much information out there). anyone currently at 47 sqn? and recently completed/started training?

Do not concern yourself with Phase 2, you need to concentrate on getting through Phase 1 first, enjoy the hills.

Good luck.

Stand at the top of the stairs and throw things down them... once you've mastered that, throw things out of an upstairs window.

Phase 2 will be a doddle.
Dan, as already stated, concentrate on Phase 1, when you've finished that, you'll go to Leconfield to do your driver training.
at some point you'll have to come down to Lyneham to conduct the Basic Air Despatch assessment. IF you pass that you'll be loaded on to the next available basic Air Despatch course, however, the training wing is only running on course this year and it starts next month. this is to facilitate our move from Lyneham to Brize Norton. you could end up holding at Brize, but maybe not, maybe somewhere else. If this happens don't be talked out of AD with horror stories of no promotion prospects etc....
It's an awesome job and one of the only jobs left where you really do get to travel the world, and not just Afghan.
Pm me if you want more info.
You know what, for some reason i always wanted to do Air Despatcher. I do have an unhealthy interest in planes and stuff. So i suppose sitting in the back of them throwing things out all the time, around the world seems pretty good.
The trouble is some buffoon told me that being a Pet Op meant i could get a job in the Oil Rigs really easy and back in 87 you earned shit loads of money on them. I didnt actually realise this was a load of bollox until passing my Class 3 and by then it was too late.
Listen to the Air Drop Master !

Numbers, rules and a bit of thinking in the training for the Basic Air Despatch course.
But that is AFTER the assessment which is NOT an attendance course

Flying, is the reward.

Nuff said.

Good luck.
thank you.
definitely going to focus on phase 1 and everything that comes with it first.
im only asking about it all because there's hardly any information out there apart from packing pallets and pushing them out of aircraft.
am i right in thinking training is done at lyneham until the new hangar is finished/built? and with there only being one assessment this year, after phase 1 and driver training at a guess what would you say i would be doing until the next assessment? working as a normal rlc driver or something similar?
and iv always loved aircraft too and love to travel. seen a little of what air despatchers do while on a cadet camp in 2006 at lyneham, looked very interesting :)
im definitely not trying to get ahead of myself though, i know there's allot that i have to do before starting and im looking forward to all of it.....just curious :)
thank you.

im only asking about it all because there's hardly any information out there apart from packing pallets and pushing them out of aircraft.
I see you have found the B1 Air Despatch course notes already:)

I see you have found the B1 Air Despatch course notes already

Ha, easier said than done,there are no notes, first you have to spend 48 hrs on the piss in Vegas, go straight to the A/C, get thrown around at low level for three hours, THEN push the stuff out the back, and then get straight back to the strip to carry on drinking.
Factor in to that, PDT is in California it harder than you think :)
I knew some Air dispatch lads back in 64/65 in Borneo, I think they were called 3 azo or something pronounced like that. Maybe someone can tell me. Anyway I pulled a bit of a jolly to go with them on a drop from a Bev. They shoved a bulldozer out of the back down into a bit of a clearing in the ulu, for some airfield construction guys. quit impressive and it was a good day that I have not forgotten.

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