Air Despatcher, 47 AD Squadron RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dixie66, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi guy's,

    Air Despatcher is one of my three choices and i am in the process of brushing up on further knowledge of the job as i have ADSC on 16/07.

    I have found out a fair bit of information but couldn't find exactly where the Phase 2 training is done. I have read that driver training is done at Leconfield but not where the special to arm training is?, i'm guessing it's at an air base, being that the job involves air lifting and despatching. I know 47 AD Squadron is based at RAF Lyneham so could it be there?

    If anyone has any other information regarding this role then please share your thoughts. I did search the forum for previous threads but only found a few regarding 13 Air Assault Support Regiment which i believe 47 Squadron is attached to.

    Many Thanks
  2. Yes, training is done at RAF Lyneham. Air despatch pay is good as well, especially the higher band! They'll be moving lock stock and barrel in 2011 to RAF Brize Norton I believe. Good bunch of blokes there.
  3. 47 AD Training Wing is at Lyneham and the majority of the course is conducted there however some components are at different locations.

    Good luck and bring a sense of humour with you :wink:
  4. They've also got an Airborne detachment if you want to be war like though you won't get Para pay so it's rather pointless.

    Is Jack still there JP47? (works with the TA element)

  5. Yes Fally Jacks still there mate
  6. Cheers. I'm off down to Lyneham for a few days so i'll pop in and see him. Pity John isn't there any more. He's fcuking mad. Hope he's enjoying it down under.

  7. He's doing well by all accounts and loving it . I'm in touch so I'll pass on your compliments mucker
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, my first choice is the Intelligence Corps but Air Despatcher is really growing on me. Great history also, especially the resupply attempts at Arnhem, it was just a damn shame the drop zones were overrun and much of the courage the pilots and despatchers showed were in many cases invain, but then the remnants of the 1st Airborne Div must have felt the same following their withdrawl across the Lower Rhine.

    Just curious as to why AD don't recieve para pay? Is that for those who have not completed P-Coy or does it include those that have completed P-Coy because i was under the impression that on completion of the all arms course at Catterick and basic parachute course at Brize Norton that para pay, which is what £12 or so a day extra? would be granted.

    My run time has gone under 9:18 and i have completed a solo parachute jump from 3,500 ft, ok doesn't mean in anyway, shape or form , that i am para potential, P-Coy decides that, but if down the line i feel i'm ready for a challenge it would be an honour to attempt it. The Men of Arnhem were my heroes growing up and still are, a veteran lived across the road from me but i didn't find out until after his death which was a shame because it would have been an honour being in the same room as him.

    Thanks again
  9. You can't receive Para pay and Air Despatch pay combined.
  10. As Fally states you can't receive both Para and AD pay but either is a nice top up for doing a damn fine job.

    The unit is very close knit with the standards set high and you get to work with a lot of elements of the armed forces most units don't get the chance to experience.

    Get yourself through training etc, show the right aptitude, get on and pass the course but remember it’s only a small unit so in the current climate you will be busy.
  11. Understood regarding pay, quick as a hiccup me!!

    As i said my first choice is Operator Military Intelligence (better work on the whole thinking side...4 years as a postman doesn't help the brain!), but i am well aware of the selction criteria. A second screening is done at Chicksands which is all very hush hush and from what i gather the Corps is not the easiest to enter. If i manage to pass ADSC but don't make the grade for Int Corps then i'm going to go for AD.

    Any ideas on current intake dates? most Corps and units are well into next year, especially RA, RE and Infantry. From what i was told most RLC jobs are quick entry, Chef, Petroleum Op and Postal Courier (my specialty!!) all being fairly quick.

  12. I would look into that.

    Until recently you could only receive one spec pay, then the Navy Divers started crying because they were not receiving EOD pay. Things have changed now so that they can receive EOD pay and Dive pay.
  13. I'm sure 47AD have looked into it. It doesn't bother me as i'm not air despatch.
  14. All barking. but a great bunch of lads :party: