Air Despatcher - 47 AD - Eyesight query

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by NWILSON, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Good Afternoon all,

    As the title states, I am currently applying for the role of Air Despatcher as a TA/Volunteer.

    Can anyone help me in regards to Air Despatcher eyesight. I have been told that I have 6/5 in my left eye and 6/18 in my right, i'm not colour blind and I passed all of the other required tests.

    If anyone can help, (I have been through all of the other threads and I couldn't find an ideal answer) I would be very much appreciated. :-D

    Kind regards.
  2. When you have your medical the doctor will judge if you meet the minimum standards for the AD trade across all of the medical requirements, as per PAP 10 and RLC Training Instructions. Its like a urine test, you can't really revise for it. I would assume that you have glasses or contacts for your shooting eye? The real test of your eyesight will be if you can see them (395 Tp) in a year's time. If you can't see them, your eyesight is just be fine. Why not join as a Regular instead?

    Why did you post this in the Aviation and not the RLC forum? I am assuming you wish to become an RLC Air Despatcher?
  3. Mr_Logic,

    Thanks for your reply.

    In regards to my current eyesight, I wear no visual aids e.g. Glasses or Contacts as my previous opticians have stated I never needed them.
    As of current I am in Full-time work on Civi street and I am hoping to to this part-time.
    I apologise that I have posted this in the wrong forum, I only presumed that 'Air Despatcher' would fit under this topic.