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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Declan_L, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Declan_L

    Declan_L Crow


    Im writing this in hope that somone could give me some much needed information or advice about joining the RLC as an Air despatcher.

    Whats the general feeling about the job?... And is it one that i would enjoy etc

    Any info would be great
  2. Declan_L

    Declan_L Crow

    Not many Air despatch folk around i take it.. oh well :( lol
  3. Ralphy

    Ralphy Swinger

    Ill reply to your question!!

    I was at JATE and then 29 Regt RLC and worked alongside 47 AD Sqn. They were all a good bunch of lads who worked hard played hard etc. Because they worked independantly from the Regt and were at RAF Lynham they are quite a close knit bunch.

    So if you like chucking things out of Hercs, strutting around in a para smock with a DZ flash and living in cushy raf accomodation then 47 AD is for you! They also have a busy MT section DROPS and TM's 8t and 14t.

    All in all a good sqn with plenty of opportunities.
  4. Ray_Of_Johno

    Ray_Of_Johno Swinger

    Hi there not sure this entirely relevant to your initial question, but was at the ACIO today and apparently they are not recruiting anymore air despatchers this year, that not to say that they won't be next year but just thought i would mention it.
  5. No worries, join up as something else, then transfer. They take volunteers from the forces too.
  6. ADUX

    ADUX War Hero

    The ACIO in this instance are wrong. The AD trade is recruiting at the moment. The AD trade is pretty good as they go, depending on what you want. There's little in the way of field exercises etc but plenty of interesting dets around the world (both operational and some pretty guccis detachments to places like the states etc). Life in the Sqn is pretty stable, based at Lyneham, the guys generally stay in the area, many settle there and there's a good espirit-de-corps. You'll get to fly plenty and have a good social life.

    On balance, go for it, there are many much worse trades to join. Good luck.
  7. kerryla

    kerryla Swinger


    same as the original thread Ive been in the REME foe almost 10 years and looking for something new would anyone recommend the trade of air dispatch?