Air despatch question.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Trotsky, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. A mate of mine has come up with the idea of lobbing a Met Police van out of the back of an aircraft with Blues and twos going and him sitting inside (for charity off course). I assume he intends to use a parachute when he does it. An MPS van weighs in at 1.8tons.

    Would it be technically feasible, would you survive the accelleration inside the vehicle when it fell out of the aircraft?

  2. it's not the jumping in the vehicle , it's exiting the vehicle once it's started spinning at an eyeball popping rate , i've seen this done by VERY experienced skydivers in an open top vehicle , and one was nearly killed trying to exit as the car suddenly flipped and battered him.... tell your friend to give this some very serious thought , people can stabilise themselves in freefall, a big f*ck off van can't.
  3. I think you need to do a little searching, and have a look at the state of some of the military vehicles when they cream in. If it was possible I think the russians would of tried it already.

    Technicaly posible, YES! Completely sane if he does it, NO!
  4. Put me down for a £tenner WAHOOOOOOOO!

  5. I for one would love to see it happen and pay good money for this visual extravaganza. However the only stipulation is that the vehicle be mounted with an action man size canopy :D
    P.S could you fit the whole of the Met in one vehicle :wink:
  6. Could you try a dry run with TCH? :twisted:
  7. Seconded !
  8. I thought they tried it a long time ago using BMDs or some such, pre-packed with the desantniki only to find that they were all brown bread after it hit the ground?
  9. Thatll be why they dont use it then. Kin madness, bad enough doing under your own canopy. Feck doing it in a vehicle, with the only control it has is "down".

    Ill sponser him a tenner. Aviation authorities might have something to say about it though.
  10. Urban Myth in the RAF.

    When the RAF had a base in Sardinia back in 1993 there was a lottery every month for one of them to get their car flown home on a C130 "if" there was space.

    Only proviso was it was at you own risk for insurance. had none and if anything happened it was dropped of the back ASAP.

    Pre checkin was battery in double plastic bags ,dry. Only 2 litres of fuel in the tank etc.

    SAC Sack wins. Flying home in style only over the Med the loady smells smoke. Ramp down and free fall for mr Ford Fiesta.

    next day in the French current bun.

    Car falls out of sky hitting French fishing boat . Cowerdly British attack.

    Also heard the same tale about Russians smuggling cows from Kamchatka back to Vladivostok.

    Out over the Sea of Okhtsk cows start to stampeed. Pilot stands Cub on its arrse , dropping the ramp at the same time.

    25,000 feet below Honerable Osakio fishermen , minding own buisness fishing for squid when cow' bombs fall around fleet.
  11. The BMD - if I recall correctly - came down under several huge chutes but even these didn't slow it down enough. So just before it hit the earth a cluster of rockets attached to the parachute bridle went off to slow it even further. Add to that a platform and the suspension of the vehicle itself and it could just drive away. So, in theory if you placed the crew in some padding they could drop in the vehicle and get going straight away.

    However ... reality intervened. I don't think the system was as good as theory would suggest and a failure that might or might not bend the vehicle would end up killing or maiming the crew. There are rumours of a large scale drop where they sat in the vehicles and the ensuing carnage was horrendous.

    Whatever the reason, the Sovs dropped the crew separately in service. A much maligned vehicle I feel, it might not be much compared to a Warrior but compared to a Pinzergauer (which is all our lot get) it's quite impressive.

    More relevantly, the RAF does drop vehicles in the weight and size class under discussion. But not with someone inside. A decent platform and bridle setup should limit spinning but the money to develop it would probably be prohibitive.

    And my favourite "whoops there it goes " story is the washing machine in the Canberra rotary bomb-bay. Bought on det, half way home an emergency develops, FRCs say open bomb bay, emergency over, wife not happy.
  12. In the 1960's and early 70's The RAOC had 'Heavy Parachute Drop Companies' to Air Drop vehicles (Less personnel) ranging from ½ Tonne 'Air Portable' Land Rovers to Scorpion Tanks as well as bulk stores and ammunition. All other Air Dropping being done by the RCT's 47 Air Dispatch Squadron which took over the vehicle and heavy stores rigging commitment from the RAOC in 1972.


    A rigged Supply Stressed Platform with a Land Rover and Trailer on a Medium Stressed Platform at the Army Museum of Transport at Beverly (Now Closed) Platforms had two 66 ft parachutes, a 21 ft extractor chute which would pull the Supply Stressed Platform from the aircraft.
    The platform had compressed air bags to soften the landing impact.

    The USAF are still doing this See: