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Discussion in 'RLC' started by soldier girl-87, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. hi,
    im new to all this so apologies for potential bone questions in advance. are girls accepted in to air despatch, and what is the training like?

    also i've read on previous threads that the unit wear the maroon beret, is this true and if so do the females wear it too? (as i've never heard of this and thought it was very unusual)

    thankyou in advance
  2. I am sure if I have got this wrong some one will say, but anyone that is part of 16 air assault bde in a unit entitled to the maroon beret wear it. What ever sex they may be and whether they have passed the course or not.
  3. You can choose to wear the maroon beret if it matches your eye liner and nail polish.
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  4. I didnt think that the RAF wore the maroon beret.
  5. Erm, Air Dispatch is an army trade/unit, not RAF.
  6. So they arent failed Loadies then?
  7. It's Bloody DESPATCH!
    And no, we aren't all failed Loadies. just me. :)
    Are you a failed potential Air Despatcher? or just not man enough to try.
  8. To answer your questions. Yes females are accepted as long as you pass the initial Air Despatch Assesment Course, which consists of a PFT, strength test, spatial awareness, dexterity test, AFT and various interviews. If you are suitable then you will get a place on the 12 week Basic Air Despatch Course.

    No we do not wear maroon berets as we are no longer part of 16 Air Assault/13 Regt.

    If you need any more info contact the Training Wing at 47 AD.
  9. Thereby causing outrage because all of a sudden the treasured maroon lid was being worn by 'hats' and therefore by their rules became a 'hat' itself. Q.E.D.
  10. Nah, I never fancied pushing boxes. I do enjoy fishing though.
  11. air despatch rules, every other rlc trade is bollocks, currently at raf lyneham, moving to brize in june, booo yaaaaa