Air crews issued with Krugerrands, for Op missions?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by bigjarofwasps, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I`ve heard a rumour, that Air Crews are now being issued with Krugerands instead of gold sovereigns, is this true?
  2. A number of gold sovereigns were issued to British Military Personnel taking part in Operation Granby as part of the Coalition Forces during the First Gulf War.
    Sovereigns provided by the Ministry of Defence and carried by serviceman who, it was thought, might find themselves isolated and in need of bargaining power if confronted by unfriendly forces.
    Several sovereigns were used during the war, mainly by RAF crews shot down over enemy territory, SAS soldiers also carried sovereigns, as part of their kit, for use whilst on patrol. But all the un captured coins were returned to the M.O.D at the conclusion of the conflict, having served their purpose.
    16,289 pieces were returned during the war, by personal on completion of their missions behind enemy territory.
    Military personal carried twenty sovereigns each as part of their survival kit.
  3. It certainly sounds credable. I suppose to distances the airmen from the British Government, should they be captured.
    The quarter krugerrand is able the same size as a sovereign, but not so readily available. The full ounce coin are very common, but at about £350 a coin it seems a bit of an expensive coin to be issuing on mass, I mean you`d need to have a couple of them, and its not as if your going to get any change, if you were to use them for whatever reason.
  4. I was always rather dubious about the thought of having to offer some native of unknown character a gold coin to keep me safe. Thinking that if he wasn't going to keep me safe anyway, he'd probably bop me on the head and take the rest!!
  5. Thats a very good point, from what I`ve read these coins have only ever been used at the point of capture, to try and gain a little more chance of not being `bopped on the head`.
  6. On Telic the guys I was supporting carried Kruggerands, but on Herrick they're carrying $. It's a lot harder to get them to sign those in!
  7. Doesn't matter what they are, soveregn or kruggerrand, they are still gold.

    That is the part that matters.

  8. At last.........many thanks for your reply. Could you tell me if they were the full 1Oz type or the 1/4 Oz type (about the size of a sovereign?)

  9. This is very interesting, I know the MOD sold all there sovereigns, after the first gulf war. Now with these reports coming in of them using krugerrands. How many were they given and which type? There is a big differance in the value of them. I`m very curious to know.

  10. Very true, but I suppose politics plays a big part in it as well. I`d be interested to know how these so called anti-american countries would take to having gold dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I agree an ounce of gold is worth about £347 a quarter ounce about £80 or £90. I`m assuming that quater ounce coins are being issued, as you say there about the same size as a sov. But I could comment on the dollars, I imagine that there about the size of a full krugerand. But if they are issuing full krugers, where on eart do you put them?
  12. The below picture, gives you an idea of the size difference......

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  13. During GW1 i was issued 4 or 5 of them smaller ones. I think my flight commander got 7. Also a note that promised another 10k of gold.
  14. gold is gold and dollars are welcome everywhere .Even lebanon :D

  15. Thanks jeeep. :D