Air.craft wrecks in Brunei and Borneo and nearby areas

Bit of a wild stab here , but has anyone here been in this region and seen anything? Just doing some research to see if there is anything left , from WW2 particularly Jesselton and Sandakan, or any other airfields in the region?

If anyone has photos , that would be a bonus :D
My Casa skidded off into the grass at a runway North of Balikpapan a couple of years ago and the passengers (Aussie miners) were going to lynch the pilot for being a silly twat.

Sorry. No, I tried to get around East Kalimantan as much as I could during a contract there but actually came across very little evidence of WW2 action - none apart from some photos of Balikpapan itself at the time; it was a key fuelling station for the Japanese and was destroyed by the Americans. Main problem of course is that the jungle overgrows everything in a very short time, and anything not made of stone rots.
not a wreck, but i know there's a small memorial near the airport to the Aussies of the 9th Division who liberated the island of Labuan off the Brunei coast. Dunno if it was an airfield during the war but if it was then there's bound to be something worth looking for there.

you off to Brunei then ptp?
No thankee C_G , been in that part of the world before for a trip, not an experience I want to repeat. It was just an enquiry from a mate of mine, who wondered if anyone who'd been through JWS or on a Det had seen anything.

My interest is more in the Middle East , Tunisia and Libya chiefly.

Mind you, I did hear a nice fat juicy rumour about Spitfire 22's in Syria. :D
And a much better excuse than the ones I've heard offered.

Actually, I think Syria might be quite rich for that sort of thing, there's a bloody great lake at the end of the runway at Homs, and you know how magnetic lakes at the end of a runway are :D

Mind you, an old boy told me the lake near Habbiniyah (Ronald Reagan AB) might be worth a quick paddle


And if memory serves Syria were amongst the last to use German Panzer mark IVs in 67 or there abouts.


Spitfires....erm, WMDs!

German Panzers ....Evil nazi loving baskets!

They're screwed really aren't they :roll:
They did C_G . There's a Tank Museum in Israel with a couple on display.

Yeah, let's invade, all that good gear going to waste :D
Best of Memory
"The Tanks of Talamuez" by General Isreal TAL ????

History of birth of Isreali armourd forces mentioned shoot outs between Isreali Centurions and Syrian ex German Panther tanks. Fighting over water rights, next big issue in that part of the world, IMHO.
I read book once in 68-69.

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