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  1. Are there any particular A-levels that are looked for if you want to become an AAC pilot because I'm taking mine next year and was not sure, I'm thinking of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Geography for A-S but there might be others, also does anyone know if it would be better to go to uni or not because I don't really want to but if it'll help me get into the air corps will. I am thinking of getting so flying lessons in year 12 or 13 but was talking to someone on the internet who said that would mean I would be expected a lot more of and a much steeper learning curve if I do get in, do you think it would put to much pressure on me or not,

    Thanks for any helpful comments, it is much appreciated
  2. Time spent in education is never wasted, It will always be of use if your plans to become a pilot go wrong, getting some flying hours in will not do any harm, you might not like flying, on your course keep quiet about it best of luck
  3. I know what your saying about education but uni to me seems like 4 years of increasing debt and unless it will significantly improve my chances of getting into Sandhurst and Middle Wallop then I'd rather not. By 'on your course keep quiet about it' do you mean don't say that I have flying experience because I was thinking that might increase my initial chance of getting in
  4. Have a look at the rates of pay for young officers with and without degrees, see if that sways you in any direction.
  5. They won't care that you have a few PPL hours, you will still have to do the same course and aircrew selection as the other students,some of who may be aircrew, but not pilots, with hundreds of hours of flying time.as for UNI you have to think what you are going to do after you leave the forces. It will give you another string to your bow if things go wrong. And take it from me four years is not a long time. I did not go to Uni untill was 39 as I joined the Army aged 15. I was aircrew for 7 years and loved ever minute
  6. Could you give a link possibly for the pay rates, and I know it won't make a significant difference having a few hours but it might show that I'm capable, if I can't join the army for some reason then I will go to uni but I don't see it as helping me too much if I do get into the army
  7. You could always try typing "army rates of pay" into Google? With the level of initative you have shown thus far, I would abandon your Air Corps aspirations and set your sights on becoming the next Pope instead; which is far more likely to happen. =(

  8. oooo spikey!
  9. Well thankyou for the link but I did look briefly and could not find a comparison between people who have gone to uni and those who haven't. I do not see any point in your stupid comments about becoming the next Pope as I think the church would find it rather undesirable to have an atheist as their leader or whatever he does, also you saying something like that after one display of a lack of initiative seems a wee bit hasty as you can not judge on one sentence whether I would be competent enough to becoming a pilot.
  10. Just had a mooch at that.

    So: Officer Cdt non grad - 14k whilst at RMAS
    Officer Cdt grad - 24k whilst at RMAS?

    Then 3 years seniority (basically get an extra pip quicker)?
  11. Correct, though if someone could come and verify that'd be tip top.
    As far as i'm aware that's right, though.
  12. The comparison was simply to look at the different levels of pay for each rank. In very simple terms (which you clearly need) - graduates get additional seniority for their time at university and therefore get promoted earlier and therefore paid more. As for your lack of aspiration about becoming Pope - maybe I will take your advice if you ever get to RMAS and manage to pass the course. Since that is currently no more than an aspiration on your part at present, let's just leave it there. You will, however, be well advised to lighten up a little and be prepared to take a bit of stick if you ever want to survive in the Army.
  13. These days virtually 100% of all RMAS entrants are graduates. Whether that is a good or bad thing I dont know. What I do know is that although a huge number of graduates have mickey mouse degrees and can barely write their own names ; without one you are treated as a second class citizen. Also the AAC must be just about the hardest outfit to get into for officer pilots. Plus if you do get in you get a very short flying career. Options might be to join another regiment and go AAC on "secondment" like Prince Harry or for a dedicated flying career join the RAF.
  14. or Fleet Air Arm?