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  1. Alright,

    Just failed the main officer selection board and am thinking of joining up as a soldier. Just wondering in the Air Corps how often are you deployed to Afghan. I know they are a combat unit and will be out there a lot, just after the figures that's all. It doesn't matter to me how often they go but my bird is not that happy about it!.

    Cheers for the help.
  2. You might be better of asking in the 'Aviation' section at the bottom mate.
  3. I gotta ask mate, whats the GIF with the bird showing her tits from?

  4. Film called eurotrip.......visit your local blockbuster store now!
  5. How did ya fail?

    j/w because am goin for mine in a year or so...

  6. Tell me she's younger so I can crank one off and feel dirty.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.