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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by guiness002, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. After some advice please! can anybody out there tell me if an Army Air Corps officers beret should have the dark blue backing behind the the cap badge or not? I'm attached to the Air Corps in June and I have an Officers beret and the Badge but I'm unsure weather I need to get the backing sewn prior on to having my cap badge sewn on! any help or advice please!
  2. You should have the patch sewn onto the Beret
  3. Thanks bm, just to confirm that an officers beret should look the same as an OR's beret??
  4. The Officer's wear a silk lined, banded beret. This is privately purchased from the Museum of Army Flying or Regimental PRI at Wattisham. The beret is alot smaller , that actually fits the head(that's why most Snr's buy them)
  5. yes the beret I bought is silk lined, but without the dark blue backing, and your suggestion is to have the patch sewn on?
  6. Officers generally sew the black patch in the top centre of the beret and they shape them by placing a thunderflash underneath and Guffawing alot
  7. ok thanks MDN and BM, so is that the same for REME and RLC attached (I mean the badge backing and not MDN's beret shaping advice!!)
  8. No if you are joining either of those Corps I suggest immediate suicide.
  9. cheers MDN, well I'm in one of those "corpse" have been for the worse part of 15 years :D so yes I'm certified as paralised from the neck up, but hey its a job, sorry i mean "vocation" 8O
  10. Sorry MDN another question, been out of the air world for a few years, when did they bring in the Black patch, and what does it signify?
  11. Officers sewing? Surely they would get someone else to do something so technical.
  12. Honestly depends on what capbadge you are. RLC don't, some gunners do some don't, rifles do as do RDG, Sappers do. Depends what capbadge you are pm me for details.

  13. AT55 dont know about sewing, but they are a dab hand at suing!! and dont call me "shirley" :D
  14. Its from when the Army Air Corps flew Pirate ships