Air Corps beret change

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by twiggy1, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. has anybody heard that the AAC light blue beret is supposed to be changing to a darker blue?? or is it just a rumor
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    ha ha :lol: at MDN
  3. changing to royal blue i heard
  4. dont have any idea when do ya??
  5. What????

    I hope this is some sort of pants wind up.
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. Eh by Gum.
    John was REME but wore his Powder Puff Blue Beret with Pride for over 20 years.
    Royal Blue my Arrse, rather see the old Corps become the, Royal Army Air Corps, RAAC, bring back memories.
  8. RAF Blue, I heard :wink:
  9. Hang about - first MDN changes name on becoming a vicar, then becomes Sausage Beard, now back as MDN Classic. Has he been defrocked, possibly having been exposed as Bishop Walt by Jom Shortt-Knob ?

    Oh - not bothered about his Northern Monkey days.
  10. Got to be Crab sourced rumour surely..... Jealous Crabs
  11. Can't have that one, John. The RAAC is the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

    If we get a "Royal" title, I think we should go right back to our roots and become the Royal Flying Corps.
  12. We already have Royal Warrant (got it back in '77 I believe). The name RAAC was discounted due to the similarity to lumpy jumpers of the time and the suggestion of reverting to RFC made several RAF senior bods have a coronary so it was kept as AAC.

    As for the beret colour change? Utter bollox.
  13. Good........

    Wouldn't affect you anyway yours is grubbier than the one you wore when you were with that Chip Shop unit you transferred from. :D
  14. Does that mean that the AAC holds all the RFC VC's or did the Brylcream take them?
  15. I thought the AAC were finally coming out with their new beret...

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