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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mini_rq, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. back in the olden days when i was a kiddy i vaguely remeber a documentary on pilot training in the AAC, possibly shown on the beeb. Does anyone remeber the name of it and know if it is possible to snaffle a copy from somewhere? It sparked an interest in all things dpm which is still strong today, i'm hoping to join within the next 18months and would like to have another keek at it again to refresh my memory- unless someone knows different and can think of anymore recent documentarys????

    many thanks :D
  2. Google search "flying soldiers"

    I have a copy on VHS somewhere, but it must be out there on DVD and book.

    'Flying Soldiers' by Tim Lambert
    Published by BBC Books, 1995 ISBN: 0 563 37127 7
    * Follows army pilot training course 354 to award of wings.

    eBay - Want It Now Post - 6449255740
    BBC documentary video "Flying Soldiers",
    Post number: 6449255740
  3. My good lady has been trying to get a copy for ages. A company in Shaftesbury has the rights to it but buggered if I can remember the name of the company. They were initially helpful although never came through with the DVD they offerred us.
  4. I have the book somewhere...would the museum not have the video?
  5. I've got a few episodes on a VHS tape, but I'd like to keep hold of them just to laugh at Jim L-C and the others getting hypoxic in that decompression chamber...more farting and talking bollocks than the Aldergrove groundie shack. Then there's the gut-wrenchingly awful clip of the guys "relaxing" with some outstanding squaddie two-stepping at the Flicks. Priceless. :D
  6. was at m/w when it was getting filmed, what a b*lls ache that was. was standing right behind one of them in the Town Mills when he did that cheesy toast to the Corps. Nothing wrong with that before you all start, but not on national tv. nearly vomited my jack daniels back up!!
  7. Mini-rq . . .

    Point to note, in case no-one else has informed you. The course has changed quite considerably since the filming of flying soldiers (as you would expect). For the latest info, I can highly recommend a visit to your local AAC unit and having a chat with one of the guys or girls who has just gone through the trg system. I think that's probably more use than watching an old documentary (although it's still a laugh watching the antics of old mates and colleagues, as stated above!!!!)

    Best of luck!

  8. cheers for the info pongo i've got rcb comming up soon and am planing on trying for an attatchment in the summer. hopefully i will learn alot more then. one of the reasons that i wanted to see the docu was that a distant relation of mine was in it .

  9. Great. another f**king rupert retard

    And its Army Air Corps, you mong
  10. I always found it difficult to figure out if JLC or Stitch were hypoxic or if they had reverted back to their respective pointy headed roots ;)
  11. Documentary about the AAC, how did those egos all fit on the screen?
  12. It was filmed on IMax.....
  13. ....and shot from space.
  14. With extra wide angle lences.
  15. anyone checked out the OBEs on the NY honours list...?