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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by cdt1350, May 10, 2013.

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  1. hi guys,
    I'm an air cadet at the moment wearing CS95 dpm. however, the army cadets near to us have literally just been issued with mtp clothing. my question is, will air cadets ever get mtp? and if so, when?
    cheers fella's
  2. At twenty to four on a Friday afternoon? Did you run home first or get changed on the school bus?

    I understand it's been hazard tested with airfix glue as we speak. But seriously, if your dpm was actually issued through MoD channelsd I imagine they'll get round replacing it eventually. If not you can always provide squaddies with beer money via the Ebay in exchange for their old tatt.
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  3. Jeez, when I was in the ATC in the early 70's we had wool battle dress and shirts with separate collars!
  4. Hold on.

    This little spunker was on about buying molle webbng for his cadetty actvities on another thread...

    Answer. Yes ATC will get it. When the RAF sort it out for them.
  5. The Air Cadet Squadrons don't get issued "Green" kit, only the blue. Doubt the RAF will bother themselves too much as they aren't that keen on "green" anyway!
  6. Yep, and with the great big woolen greatcoats. It all added up to warm as toast on a cold day.
  7. As said before, dpm is not supplied by the RAF. The squadrons have to source it themselves or bought by the cadet. Some sqns have green kit to issue including webbing if it has been aquired on a gizzit from surplus clearouts.
  8. As mentioned, air cadets are not issued with combats, only blue kit. I would think it unlikely that any MTP will be issued in the near future. If you are lucky you might be authorised to wear it at some stage in place of CS95s.

    If you had wanted to run around the woods in combats you probably should have joined the ACF!
  9. The aquisition of kit and the pursuit of warryness is to be encouraged in youth. 'Tis how empires are built and reputations made.

    I remember (whilst in the Space Cadets) doing some outdoor survival crap on camp in what was essentially barrack dress (and a civvy snorkel parka) because we were issued **** all apart from the basic. Of consequence I completely ruined my ATC uniform. I never forgot that humiliation of looking like an unprepared mong and the kit inadequecy; and when I joined up - and was issued equally basic kit - I went bananas and turned into a kit whore par excellence. It made up for me being largely shit at everything else. There's no excuses for not looking good - even if you're a total biff.

    Remember kids: Looking like a mong attracts grief. Looking like a God amongst men makes you immortal.
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  10. They do, but not overly keen. They are quite keen on shooting though.
  11. Re. Shooting.

    When I was a spacey, one summer our wing was allocated a massive pile of full bore ammo to get rid of. Every weekend for months had slots for shooting at burton point (raf sealand)

    I shot off more rounds on one weekend than most squaddies would do in a career.
  12. When I was in the ATC it was all about field craft and kayaking. The local Army Cadet unit wasn't up to much and the Sea Cadet unit was poor.

    Our ATC unit though did regular camping trips in Thetford forest, navexs, night exercise every Thursday, Kayaking every Sunday and a bit of .22 shooting and if you were lucky you could get some old and bold pilot would try and make you puke up in a Chipmunk.

    Very formative years in my childhood and really gave me a good start as a teenager. Oh, and my first handful of boobies with a very sexy girl called Sarah.....mmmmmmmm great days.
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  13. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Not that car park in Thetford forest...............
  14. ... and we were allowed to use Stanley knives to seperate kit components from the sprue without adult supervision. (As well as mix with girls unchaperoned).
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