Air bridge down ?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by dergeneral, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Yeah, it's snowy and all...but I hear that some p*ss poor G1 planning around the festive period is resulting in the RAF being a tad embarrassed by its inability to maintain the air bridge at the moment, and the pax are stacking up at the Brize Hilton...not so bad if you're stuck in the UK...but you are on the other end of the bridge it can't look too rosy....
  2. Does it still affect the 14days R&R, i.e. tough your 14days are counting down when you reach the airhead?
  3. Yes enjoy your R&R in KAF or Cyprus or where ever the RAF decide to dump you :)
  4. After all the fuss about ensuring people got their R&R can't believe the meeja haven't picked up on this yet....
  5. LOL......not quite how it's supposed to work is it ? Seem to remember the Tories making some sort of promise on this...
  6. Really? And what do you suppose the media can do for you? Think you may have to file this under 'Stuff That Happened'.
  7. Grow up. The UK civvy airports and airlines can't cope. The UK road network is in chaos. What bit of G1 planning do you think was going to overcome the weather conditions. Or would you rather the RAF maintained the airbridge and flew in dangerous conditions risking the lives of a couple of hundred troops per flight!
  8. Come on Horrid it just gives us a chance to bitch and aim it at the crabs, makes us feel better
  9. They can't get folks home during the Summer, why should the Winter be different?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And are also a laughing stock around the world...
  11. You may be confusing airports with the TA - chubby.
  12. Fair enough that the RAF can't cope with the weather. That wasn't my point (though no doubt somke MOD suit will use that as an excuse) It was more the fact that the Crab seem to have planned to take the Xmas holidays off - Op ENTIRITY my arse ! Plus, didn't the current govt promise to sort this mess out...?
  13. how can an airport be chubby?
  14. Oi back off the crabs. Last winter they bust a gut flying in and out of UK/Afghan and only stopped when it really did get too dangerous. Not one medivac didnt happen when it was needed. But yep the airbridge went down then and we had folks stuck in the UK but they tried their hardest to get them back and get others away on leave.