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Air B&B Airbnb , anyone ever used it ? seems like a cheap way to travel with reasonable priced accommodation.
I Have - worked out great for me. Got a cabin in the mountains for half the retail rate. Its massive sucess here in the states.
I've used it in Chicago a few times. It's a good way to stay somewhere more interesting than a hotel. Just pay attention to the reviews and steer clear of anything that looks too cheap.

Also, they add a booking fee and a deposit so bear in mind that it isn't as cheap as it looks.
I rent out the Granny flat on the side of my house through it. Guests tell me that their experiences have varied widely, depending on the countries they have visited, but in general North America seems to be ok as is western Europe, apart from Greece and Barcelona.


No 1 granddaughter has stayed in London & Paris. She said both were good.


I use it more than hotels these days: it's particularly good if you're travelling as a family (compare price of 2 or 3 rooms in a 4* hotel) with the added security of having the whole place to yourself (if you wish): try getting several hotel rooms to be interconnected and it starts to get extremely expensive.

In the last 2 years of using it I've never had a bad experience. So far I've used it in the USA and 9 EU countries.
As an alternative you could try VRBO or Homeaway.

Just to add choice (or complexity ) to your life
Used it to great advantage for plenty of times. Easily get a whole place for less than the price of an average hotel room...
It's great for cities. Chicago is full of students whose parents pay insane sums for high rise apartments, but have no disposable income so will happily crash elsewhere for a few bucks.

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