air assualt

hello peeps i was just wondering what the difference is between 16 air assault brigade and 2 and 3 para ?? any1 put me straight on this please
All the para batallions are part of 16 air assault brigade, along with the army air corps, and support units from artillery, engineers, loggies sigs and some others i think
16 Air Assault X plays "Ride of the Valkeries" from their Choppers sound systems.
It also goes looking for the Shi'ite
Para's are like Bird Shi'ite (they both fall from the sky)

Hope that helps
2 PARA, 3 PARA, 1 R IRISH and 5 SCOTS are the infantry component of the brigade.
Well...... although not original, it was enough to start a town fight in aldershot in the 80s.....
OK, before this thread degenerates into yet another b0llocks argument about the Reg and the rest, stop. Consider reading the guidance at the top of the board, and if anything remains unclear following the very simple guidance, then feel free to pm. The original question appears to have been an honest one, let's not stoop into a wankfest which will only result in your posts being deleted. Clear enough?

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