Air Assault/Cdo Log Recruiting.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Wondering if anyone of the above would like to come and do some recruiting for their respective Units.
    Usual stuff to sell themselves.....Sporting stuff like boxing, good promotion prospects if your badged which leads to fun and games in the Mess etc etc.
  2. Quite a lot of Cdo Logs is actually Bootneck/Matelot manned, it's not a Green Lidded RLC Regiment......
  3. Commando Logistic Regiment is exactly that, a lot of green lidded RLC types. Or at least it was when I was down there two weeks ago!!!
  4. Well, that'll come as a surprise to the Col RM CO, Lt Col RM 2 i/c, 6 other RM Officers, Med Sqn (mainly matelots), ES Sqn (mainly REME and RM VMs) and various others*. I'm not saying there are no RLC types there, but don't think it's like 29 or 24 just wearing a RLC capbadge instead....

    *totaling 365 RM personnel, including the RSM
  5. Errrr no it isnt. There is 1 RLC sqn. And a stores troop in ES sqn. As has been said there is a large RN and RM presence there. Its not even a logistics regiment in the terms the army would think of.
    It more a RLC regt, REME BN and field hospital with a few other things all in one unit and for this reason has a full Col as its CO.
  6. What he said except i think there is only one REME VM most are RM and there are about 15 RN VMs there with that number growing.
  7. And because I'm feeling helpful - go to the RLC assignments website on Armynet and express an interest*. AACC is great fun, although I did break myself, so no lid...

    *MSWEB - Regular Soldiers - RLC - bottom of the page. Asking for Pet Ops and Logs Spec in particular.
  8. Does that mean "Un-Badged" Pers do not have good promotion prospects? I do like Mess games though....