Air Arms Pro-Target 10m Air Rifle

Air Arms Pro-Target 10m
I would like to pose some questions about the titled. A bit of background, I have inherrited two 'Air Arms Pro-Target 10m, in the calibre of 4.5mm (I dont know if these were made in .22"), that operates on a compressed air system. There does not seem to be much information on these on the magic t'internet, but I believe the 10m means that they are target rifles used at a 10m range and thus not requiring the maximum 12 ft/lb allowed in the UK, but a setting of 6ft/lb. Both airguns are missing foresights, the rubber butt pads and appear to leak pressure from the valve.

The questions:

Is the above ft/lb-age comment above correct?
Are these guns still manufactured?
Are spares available?
Will Air Arms sell spares to a 'privateer'?
Is it better to send to Air Arms for refurb or do the repairs myself (a REME Armr with 23 years experience) if the spares are available?
What are they approximately worth in the state they are in? (Minor scratches to wood work, minor pitting to barrel)
What are they worth with me repairing?
What are they worth with them being refurbished and overhauled by Air Arms?

Guys and girls, your assistance with these points is appreciated in advance.

The Pro Target was made in three versions, as a 10m target gun, as a 12ftlb Field Target rifle and as a hunting rifle.

The hunting version was made in .22, was all black and designed to have a scope mounted.

The field target (FT) version was in .177 and again designed to mount a scope. Field target is shot between 7.5 to 55 yards on steel knock down targets hence being set up at 12ftlbs.

The 10m rifle would normally be set for about 5ftlbs and be fitted with target aperture sights.

Early versions had a barrel shroud with the barrel supported inside it by "O" rings. This also had a barrel support that was anchored in the fore end of the stock. Later versions, particularly the Mark 3 had no shroud and no barrel support.

Early models had an air cylinder that was taken off fo filling with a guage to show air presssure, later ones had a fixed cylinder with a quick fill fitted on the front in place of the guage.

All models had regulators to meter the air released by the knock open valve.

The FT was made in three Marks that I know of the last one having the most reliable regulator.

Because the receiver was at different levels between the front and rear dovetails an adaptor is required to fit a scope.

I have not shot the hunter or 10m version but I have an FT one. It will group sub .5" at 50m.

If there are leaks in the air system repairs are not easy as a jig is required to set the regulator up at the correct pressure. The "Fixed" cylinder can be removed and sent off to Air Arms for servicing.

The stocks are normally laminate. One weak area is the pistol grip where they would break for no apparant reason.

Second hand the FT version sells for about £350 to £400 in good condition.

Hope this helps.

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