Aintree Lady's (hmmmm) Day

Jesus Christ!
Why can't the bizzies allow a crowd to build up outside, then rush all them in to one fenced off enclosure?

Ok, cloth wholesalers and fake tan emporiums would go out of business. But Liverpools gene pool would benefit.
And Scousers like a good benefit.
Friday the 13th,,it is gonna piss down,already had a hail shower here so we might get a Miss Wet Pretty Frock show..

I can remember being Provo staff in Knightsbridge, best ever (only a couple of times) was when 2 female PC's would come on horseback to escort the Queen's Lifeguard down. Lovely sunny day, Police shirts on. Then about 30 minutes after it would piss it down. The 2 coppers couldn't leave the guard and come 11.55hrs, when the old guard returned, with the 2 PC's, it was Met Police wet T-shirt time!
I wish i hadnt looked at that article as i think ive just vomited in horror.

Then again some of them i would smash like a fucking freight train...

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