Ainsworthless at the Chalkface

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. "So what's your top desire from right here at the chalkface – what would you have more of today?$1331919.htm

    Oh how very PC Bob, I'm sure you won yourself lots of socially aware brownie points for that turn of phrase… Cvnt.
  2. Already done!


  3. 'Oil_Slick' - Great avatar, perfect, except................ Can you superimpose a hammer and sickle into the ring of corruption?

  4. The EU is not a communist entity, National Socialism fits the model better.
  5. Bit of a black mark against him...
  6. I read of this and cringed.
    Note to Minister, it's traditionally known as"the Front Line"
  7. Don't take the Mick. Why not brainstorm for something better?

  8. Indeed, and it shows just how divorced from his job the worthless cvnt really is if he doesn't know that and uses some stupid PC version of coalface instead.
  9. Baffled by "Chalkface", so looked it up.

    Last line seems appropriate.

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    Chalkface literally means a cliff or quarry exposing chalk, e.g. the White Cliffs of Dover.

    To work "at the chalkface" means to work in education, specifically in a school. This term, believed to have originally been coined by Ted Wragg for his Times Educational Supplement column,[citation needed] should be seen as a metaphor for the coalface. At the time the term was coined, coal mining was still seen as the hardest, dirtiest, most dangerous job there was. The term appears to have resonated strongly with the teaching profession, as it quickly came into general use.[citation needed] In 1991, the BBC broadcast a television series called Chalkface, written by John Godber.

    The term has also been used to describe an experimental genre of music in which lyrics and music are improvised and never played twice.[
  10. To get to the nitty gtitty it's not a black and white issue...
  11. probably thought using the frontline would make him sound like a dick poor sod can't win.
    The media would have slated him if he's used the term. think he actually gives a damm about the blokes not sure he can actually do anything useful.
    treasury is broke. :(
    The MOD is in desperate need of sorting out but has been since hesaltines time if not before :(
  12. hmmm...this a bit of a grey area.
  13. so what is exactly un pc about "at the coalface" im i being totally naive?

  14. For the same reason most schools no longer have blackboards
  15. Chalkface? Coalface? A miner issue, it seams, and he shouldn't be shafted for it. Yes, he put up a black, but I'm board with it already. It's the pits.