Ainsworth: Decriminalise all drugs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Snoreador, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Ex-minister in call to decriminalise all drugs

    Very easy to say these things in opposition. Yet another integrity fail from the political classes - "I realised that drugs should be decriminalised while I was a minister. Now we're not in government anymore, I'll start telling people this.".
  2. Much as I detest Ainsworth and his Party, I cannot see an alternative to de criminalising Hard Drugs.
    So much petty crime is drug related and the Empires built up by the serious players are never truly touched.

  3. Indeed, I certainly think that (if intelligently done) decriminalisation could be a Good Thing(TM). Along with proper social steps taken to stop people (or help people out) falling into the hard-drugs gutter.

    The thing that peed me off was yet another example of a lack of integrity from a politician. I should be numb to it now, but I'm not.
  4. You don't suppose Bob made some useful "contacts" in Afghanistan, do you? Decriminalise, but not til we've secured the supply line? Tinfoil hat time, again.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    A politician talking sense on this subject... finally
  6. Well it would certainly help with the deficit once it gets taxed
  7. Agreed but for him and the rest of Liebour,had 13 years do this and didnt apart from the cannabis turnaround which went to ratshit alittle later.Its very easy to stand on the sidelines and gob off about how things would be done "if I were in power".
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What a pity he did not choose to say this when he was the minister in charge.
  9. do you honestly think decriminalising drugs will help cure criminal behaviour?

    users will still need money to buy their gear, making it legal does not give anyone any more money except the Government IMO, is Holland crime free?

    will there be more discarded needles/packs in your neighbourhood for kids to play with?

    how many more overdoses to deal with people trying it "because it's ok, it's legal".

    I wouldn't rush into this as its nothing more than a fund raising scheme they are on about, will they deal direct with the Taliban/opium dealers or will they of course just be "farmers" or, undermine say the countries governments, by dealing with drug barons that grow the stuff that is illegal in most of the modern world
  10. Ainsworth is an idiot and a hypocrite.

    Like many of our social ills, people who have no first hand or in depth knowledge like to pontificate about them. Taking drugs is never alright or harmless. The Islington set who snort a line of coke at a dinner party are as bad as the heroin addict shooting up behind the bins in a council high rise.

    What the chattering classes fail to realise is that the coke that they harmelessly snort came here up a Jamaican's ********, funded by ruthless organised criminals who will kill and maim to make their obscene profit from the drug trade. Its a line of misery from the grower, the courier and right up to the consumer.

    They talk as if the war on drugs is lost, but there have only been skirmishes, and considering the rsources in place, the autorities don't do too badly. If we declared a proper war on drugs it would have to be on all fronts, and the biggest front is the consumer. Fine/name and shame/Jail the users, especially the chattering classes who think there is nothing wrong with it. If we take out the market, the crime lords will suffer in the pocket. The crime lords are too well placed, well organised to be taken on by the shoestring budgets of the law enforcement agencies, and take sufficient steps to always be one step ahead, or just outside the loop. But if you follow the cash, or cut it off at its source, the consumer, it will pay off. The second front of this war should be the cash channelled by the criminal gangs out of the country to fund more drug purchases and production. This can have a serious effect.

    The war on drugs has not been prosecuted properly either. But what else can we expect from the 'Not fit for purpose' Home Office as it general staff in that war? With their confusing messages about classification, sentencing and various experiments such as the Commander Paddick nonsense in Brixton they have lost all credibility. Ainsworth, the HO, and to some extent the Police, HM Customs/HMRC must share the blame for this failure to join the battle in earnest.

    If we walk away from this, if we decriminalise, the criminals won't become legitimate businessmen and start paying taxes. They will simply move into whatever new criminal enterprise can make them obscene amounts of money. And in 10 years time this country will be as lawless as Mexico.
  11. I think it would cut down on criminal behaviour. Turf wars would go, smuggling would go, prices would stabalise or even go down (cost of pharmaceuticaly pure opiates and cocaine derivatives are , I believe, a lot less than the street price, the commercial imperative of trying to 'hook' new users would be removed, supplies would be clean so cut down on NHS costs, less people going through courts and prison, etc., etc.

    Upside - some numpties will OD so improving the gene pool.

    As Bob said, at present the drugs trade is in the hands of criminals, and everything else that's been tried has failed. Much as I hate t agree with a Liebour politician, it is time to get real about drugs.
  12. I just wonder when someone actually in authority will say this, and do something.
    Speaking as someone who knew someone who died of heroin, I can only say the sooner this is done, the better. It will happen, one day, as surely as when America ditched prohibition of alcohol. To those who think this is a bad idea - do you call the status quo success?
  13. Heroin doesn't kill you. The impurities do, and the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle that addicts live doesn't make them good insurance propositions either. Alcohol, smoking and obesity has killed many more.

    The American example of prohibition or the Volstead Acts is not really a valid comparison. The prohibition was more about Christian fundamentalism than public health. America did not have a drink problem prior to this legislation. Shortly after it did, and it involved serious criminality too.

    The status quo is not that bad, considering the resources that maintain it currently. But we should first try and win the war on drugs rather than just a continuing holding action. I believe we can win it if we want too. Or do you think we should just surrender without a fight? What are we now? Skint we may well be, but we're not French?

    The biggest threat to the safety and security of this country is the drugs trade. Not terrorism.
  14. I think the aim of this thread was less to discuss the decriminalisation proposed and more to criticise the spineless idiot who, having been in a position where he could have done soemthing about it, failed to do so but now wishes to criticise those who are not doing it now.

    He was a member of the Nu Liarbour Government so no great surprise that he is a two faced hypocryte really is it!
  15. As a former hostel worker working with the bottom level of the most chaotic drug users never in three years working in a south east coast town did any client ever say I just can't find any smack today even on days when the news were showing big busts or the police were catching dealers commuting from london. the drug war was lost before it started.
    Bobs right he's also right that any minister in power who said what he said of any party would be out on his ear. Same as saying law abiding english men should be allowed to own pistols (frankly the scots worry me and not even sure the welsh count as human :)).
    Our drug laws make about as much sense as our firearm laws and have diffrent but equally irrational dangers behind them.
    cocanie was outlawed due to the fear of black musicans taking advantage of white women. makes slightly less sense than removing machine guns because of the fear of revoultion.
    I actually think Bob is a decent bloke whose saying what an awful lot of people belive.
    Walt is right drugs and the drug trade cause a lot of misery removing some of the junkies and casual users and replacing illegal es etc with legal and safer alternatives would cut down on the mayhem. you'd still have some illegal trade I'd guess a lot less though why buy dodgy drugs when you could get fair trade cocaine or virgin Es?